Potty Training, A Week Later

Day 14.

No accidents.*

Too many bathroom trips to count.


I just cancelled our monthly diaper subscription from Amazon. No more diapers for us because…

We are fully potty trained. Holy moly.

I thought we would not see this light at the end of the potty training tunnel during the first few days, but now almost 2 weeks into the whole potty experience, we have made it. We’ve had an occasional uh-oh here and there but overall he has not had an full blown accident like in those first few days.

We’ve been to two doctor appointments, car trips, music class, art class, grocery store, runs in the stroller, playground and the park plus many other various adventures without accidents. Though I always do pack extra underwear (tucked in my purse, because that screams toddler mom right there) and pants with me everywhere we go fully expecting him to have an accident in public and having to quickly whisk him away to change, but ::knock on wood:: that has not happen yet. We’ve even went on a 45+ min car ride to grandparent’s house over the weekend and no accident and no potty break while on the highway. So needless to say I am so very proud of this little guy and his bladder.

On the flip side, we do frequent the bathroom at every place we go. At the doctor office and want to leave the exam room? Proudly exclaim that you need to go potty 3x in 15 minutes and you’ll be able to get up and walk out of the room, because he knows that I can’t say no. Smart little bugger. Though on the 3rd attempt, the doctor and I both decided he was full of sh.. shenanigans and called his bluff and was able to wrap up our 10 minute appointment.

We’ve eased up on the potty timer (just used our iPhone alarms and set it to go off every 20 minutes) to remind him to take a break and use the potty. I can generally gauge when he needs to go, but the difficult part is to convince him to stop playing or to pause to go to the bathroom. My favorite phrase is still him replying back to me saying “Not yet” when I ask if he needs to go potty, and then generally within 30 seconds he’ll announce that he’s ready to go.

He’s woken up dry twice since we potty trained. Once after a nap, and once overnight (which I was completely shocked) but since then they have been wet when he wakes up. We aren’t quite ready yet to night time potty train, so we’ll wait for his lead on that one but we aren’t in a rush to get rid of the nighttime diapers just yet.

Overall, I am so unbelievably proud of my little guy on this whole potty training adventure. We followed Lora Jensen’s 3-Day Potty Training advice and went full throttle on using underwear during the day and I have to say that it worked for us. But potty training is like sleep training, so what worked for us may not work for you. Just follow your kid’s lead and go from there.


In Summary:

:: BabyBird was 26 months old at the time of potty training

:: underwear during the day, diaper at nap time & bedtime

:: stayed home for 3 days straight while just wearing underwear & a t-shirt around the house

:: the exact same potty (just different colors) in each bathroom throughout the house

:: constantly asking if he needs to go and using a potty timer

:: numerous pairs of colorful character underwear

:: patience, oodles and oodles of patience


* accident is defined as a puddle on the floor that requires disinfectant spray and paper towels and may include a change of socks.