Wordless Wednesday : Being Two…

bubblesis so awesome most days.

but then somedays it can be so hard being two. Today was one of those days

thank goodness for nap time


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  • http://stacyuncorked.com/ Stacy Uncorked

    What a CUTIE!! And yes, some days naptime is a huge lifesaver. ;)

    WW: Kitty Love

  • http://www.thiswonderfullife.net Stephanie

    What an adorable photo! I don’t know what we’d do without nap time in our house either.

  • http://www.emilykate3130.blogspot.com/ Emily

    So sweet! Not sure how momma’s of littles could function without naptime!:)

    • MommaBird

      I’m anxious for the day when he out grows naps.

  • http://www.thesassyone.com/ Hillary

    He is SO precious! <3 Still thanking the stars for naps with our two year old too – It's unfortunate we moms don't understand how rough the two year old life is ;)