Sniff Sniff

I found this adorable little pea Halloween costume at a consignment sale and thought it would be perfect for #2 come this October. Funny thing about “newborn” sizes because this fits my 2 year old toddler just fine.


Somewhere last week, BabyBird caught a little bug. And then it magically of course was given to me. Itchy throat, running nose, headache. Yup. We were sick.

The sickness did not slow down this 2 year old, not. one. bit. He happily ran around with a little running nose and all was right in the world. His momma on the other hand, got hit a little bit harder. Being sick and pregnant sucks. Like really sucks. For one you are already tired from growing said little human inside of you, and then there’s another one on the outside that also needs to be fed 3x a day. And maybe a diaper change or two also.

What also sucks about being sick and pregnant? You can’t take anything. So I sucked it up and just popped as much elderberry as I could and went on my merry misery way. By day 2, I wasn’t feeling any better so I started to google what I could take and learned about homeopathic meds that I could try. Sure, why not. A trip to the natural grocery store and $40 poorer, it did nothing for me.

Now I’m on day 4 and starting to feel a lot better. I’ve gone through enough tissues to fill a bathtub and thankfully I’ve been able to sleep okay during the night so at least there’s that. BabyBird is all back to his chipper self (I think he is also cutting 3 teeth at the same time, poor fella) and I am on the mend.

Oh and the best part of this whole ordeal? BabyBird learned it was so much easier to run into mom for a big hug and then wipe his face (running nose and all) across her shirt for some relief and then happily run away. Ha!

Motherhood is so glamorous.

  • Bailey

    I’ve heard garlic helps with a cold. Cut up full cloves of garlic into pill size pieces and swallow whole, as much as you can handle. Also, vicks vapor rub on the bottom of your feet when you go to bed will help with a cough. :) I’m glad you and BabyBird are feeling better. I’ve some how made it through this whole pregnancy not getting sick. I was sure I was going to get pneumonia over the winter, since I’ve had it the last four years. Feeling lucky.

    • MommaBird

      Thanks for the tips! I’ve tried to the garlic one before, though a bit hard to swallow. Thankfully most of the sickness has passed now

  • Jane Y.

    He’s adorable! And hope you feel 100% soon!