Ordinary Days

I don’t have some amazing story to share or advice that will go viral.

I don’t blog for profit or fame.

I blog mostly for myself and to document these days of being a first time mom and raising my {expanding} family.

I blog to jolt down these memories and what we are doing from the exciting to the mundane day to day, so months and years from now I will remember what life was like with just a 2 year old.

I blog about the ordinary days.

  • http://simplyanotherchance.blogspot.com/ Bailey

    I love that you blog about the ordinary days! I’m hoping I will do the same thing, once Sweet Pea is here.

    • MommaBird

      It’s a great way to create a memory book. I sometimes wish I wrote more when he was younger, but somedays it was just so hard to find the time to sit down and write.

  • http://www.thesassyone.com Hillary

    I LOVE that that is the way you blog – sometimes those are the ones that make the biggest difference, knowing you are a part of something like so many others.

    (Where are you with all the snow?? We’re in the same boat!)

    • MommaBird

      Thank you! I sometimes feel like I don’t have anything profound to say, but just to document our days and somedays that’s enough for me