Dear Tired Momma

Dear Tired Momma,

It gets better.

He will sleep eventually and you will get the rest that you are craving so badly right now. Don’t worry about whether he is sleeping in the swing, or in your arms and doubting yourself on how he is getting his rest. He’s only 3 months old and none of this will ruin his sleep pattern later in life. Also, stop googling how to get your newborn to sleep. And put those sleep books down. You’ll only frustrate yourself as you read about other mom’s sharing how their 6 week old is sleeping through the night or reading about the latest sleep training method. It’s just a phase and he will grow and change so much in another few weeks and sleep will come. I know you are tired. I know you are exhausted. I know you are envious of your husband sleeping peacefully away next to you.



People tell you to enjoy and cherish this time, they grow up so fast they say. But all you can focus on is when and how you are going to get some solid rest. Breastfeeding will start to get easier from now on and your confidence will grow as each day passes. Slowly you will build up that milk supply and even start to put some away in your freezer for that rainy day. You will start to feel like yourself again. Slowly, but surely. Those pants will fit again. Allow yourself some time and grace.



In a few more months, this all will get easier and you will start to enjoy it more. I promise. Years from now you will have a loving and independent little person who is the delight of your world and these sleepless nights will become a distant memory. A faded memory. He will learn to sleep through the night and you will get alone time to yourself again. Hang in there momma, it gets better.

Dedicated to myself & this blog post – circa May 19 2011. 

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  • Chelsea

    Don’t you wish we could go back in time and actually take our own advice? Beautiful post, my second is almost 9 months and even though I knew all this from my first, it was still hard to see the light at the end if the tunnel. Not as hard as the first go, not impossible, but still, we forget.

    • MommaBird

      So remind me of this in about 6 months when I’m holding a newborn and craving sleep again :) It’s so hard to remember that it gets better when you are in that sleepless fog. And then somewhere after that you decide to add another baby to the mix. Mother nature is funny that way!

  • Amanda M.

    My little guy, who is almost 5 {!!} still wakes up at night! I take him to the bathroom and then straight back to bed, where he’s asleep again before his head hits the pillow, but then I’m wide awake! :) I’m STILL waiting to sleep all night…….

    • MommaBird

      Once mine STTN, I had to relearn how to sleep again too and learn to fall asleep quickly.

  • Alexandra

    T_T baby adorable! I know exactly what you mean, sleepless nights. It does get better, and they do grow up fast.

  • Kiara Buechler

    So true!

  • Jaclyn

    I love this post! <3

  • [email protected] a sorta fairytale

    This is beautiful. And everything you said was 100% true. You are doing a great job, Mama.

    • MommaBird

      You are so sweet! Thank you

  • Bryn

    Did it get better? lol

    • MommaBird

      Yes, it eventually did. Around 9-10mo he started to STTN and I finally got some good rest

  • Katherines Corner

    this post makes me feel happy, love the photos of this sweet angel. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo

  • Ariel

    LOVE! All of us momma’s can totally relate to every word you just wrote. Hang in there, girl! And I totally agree… put the books down! ;-)

    • MommaBird

      So true right? It’s hard to see when you are in that sleepless fog