Tonight as I tuck in my innocent 2 year old, I can’t help but think of the mother who lost her 8 year old son today in the senseless bombings at the Boston Marathon or the other 2 families who will be receiving heart wrenching news that their loved ones have passed. I am thankful at times like these, BabyBird is too young to understand what is happening around him and that the world outside can be so cruel and cold. I am thankful that I can shield him from the constant news coverage on TV. Twitter and FB lit up this afternoon with reports of the bombings and although I am grateful for being able to access the news so quickly and easily, it is heartbreaking watching it unfold in front of me. While I look outside and see a fresh blanket of snow covering everything, I know that 2,000 miles away those injured, first responders and loved ones are reaching out for answers and praying for the safety of those around them.