Potty Training, Day 1

Day 1.

5 pairs of underwear worn in a 4 hour time span.

4 accidents.

1 successful pee in the potty.


We’ve been talking up being big boys and going to the potty for weeks. And up until this point, BabyBird has been using his potty before bath every night with a very high success rate for the last 4+ months or so. Daddy and BabyBird have got the bedtime bath routine down to an art and they’ve made up silly songs to sing while BabyBird sits on the potty and Daddy gets the tub ready for the bath each night.

The Potty Book for Boys is a book we picked up at a bookstore a few months ago, and in the last few days he’s been reading it to himself in the morning and asking for underwear. When I ask him more about it, he says he wants red underwear like the boy in the book. So we took this opportunity and ran with it and marched ourselves over to Target to let him pick out his very own set of underwear. Before we headed to Target, we stopped to get lunch at his favorite of all favorite places to eat. Chipotle. While we were eating lunch, we were talking up the excitement of going to get underwear afterwards and he was soo excited that he leaned over to the table next to us and proudly told the single male munching away at his burrito that he was going to get underwear. The guy just smiled and nodded, I guess he doesn’t have kids.




He was stoked to be picking out his own underwear. And if we didn’t stop him, he would have put a pair of each kind in the basket. We settled on Thomas the Train, A Pixar Character set, & Sesame Street.

We got home right at nap time, so he went down for a nap (in a diaper) and I threw all of this new underwear in the wash. Can I just say that a few dozen pairs of 2T sized brielfs is pretty adorable to wash?

After nap, we made a big deal about getting to put on real big boy underwear and let him choose his first pair. Then proceeded to make a nice big smoothie and was offered lots of sips of water. We rolled up the rug in his play area (thank goodness! because he ended up peeing in this area 3 times) and we were off.

We set a potty timer to go off every 15 minutes to help remind BabyBird to use the potty.

We played games, read books and during one of the books I noticed that he started to pee but stopped himself and we ran to the potty. Where then… nothing happened. He didn’t want to pee. So we cleaned up and put on a new pair of underwear and went back to the book. With a lot of reassuring that we wanted to keep our underwear dry and to tell us when he needed to pee. So we went back to the books where he then peed on the floor again. We let him clean it up and showed him that we didn’t want pee on the floor and instead wanted it in the potty.

The next couple of trips didn’t yield any pee or poop in the potty. We asked if he needed to pee and used the timer. We even demonstrated how to use the potty.

I made and cooked dinner (buffalo burgers & sweet potato fries) and sat down for our first meal sans diaper. We placed a small hand towel on his booster seat and all sat down to eat together. I asked once if his underwear was stil dry and it was. Then a little bit later, he said it was wet and we rushed over the potty. Success! He peed the rest in the potty and we hoot and hollered and made such a big deal of the event. We were so proud. I think he got it that once he started to pee and could feel that it was a little bit wet he stopped himself and told us, even in the middle of dinner! Yay!

After dinner was bath, stories and lights out.


In Summary:

:: this is exhausting. Between the constant vigil of watching him and reminding him to listen to his body, we are pooped (pun intended) after just potty training this afternoon

:: we aren’t using treats or rewards for going potty. We are using a lot of verbal praise and high-fives and cheers

:: thankfully our downstairs is all hardwood floors or tile, so clean up as been relatively easy to just wipe up

:: he’s just wearing underwear and a t-shirt

:: for naps/bedtime we are still using a diaper, until he starts to wake up dry

:: he loves picking out his underwear, and could careless what character was on them. He prefers to pick by the color of the trim

:: BabyBird is 26 months old or 2 years & 2 months.


Stay tuned for Day 2.