The Gender Question

So are you hoping it’s a girl?

Oh, you’ve been having bad morning sickness? Then it must be a girl. 

Are you hoping for one of each?


I’ve been torn on how to answer these questions.

Would I be thrilled if it’s a girl? Absolutely.

Would I be trilled if it’s a boy? Absolutely.


Boys, I know. Not that I’m an expert or anything, but I’ve raised one to the ripe age of 2 so that kind of makes me some kind of an expert right? I get boys and I love my little guy and I couldn’t even imagine what my life would be like without stepping on cars or folding little boys clothes everyday. Now obviously I have all the gear I would need for this next guy neatly stored away in 8 giant plastic bins that could fit human bodies. And if this one is another little boy, I would be thrilled that BabyBird will grow up with his little brother. There is just something sweet about the bond between a big brother and his little brother.

But on the other hand, if this one is a little girl that would be amazing too. I would be thrown into the world of ruffles and cute girl clothes (because lets be honest, the girl section at any kid clothing store is at least 3x bigger than the boys, and they have such cute stuff to choose from) and dolls, princesses and all the imaginative play that comes with having a little girl.

Little girls are awesome and so are boys. Either way, I am pretty excited and feel so blessed to be having another. And let’s be honest, I am also anxious to expand our little family of 3 into 4.

And yes, we will find out at the 20 week ultrasound which is coming up in another month.