Snow, Snow & Some More Snow

We came home to a fun surprise after our morning errands & music class. The hubs was outside shoveling the driveway and then spent an equal (if not more) time constructing an awesome snow fort in our front yard complete with two entrances, and 3 windows for easy snowball throwing. BabyBird was soo tickled when we got home and saw the fort.

At least with all of these spring storms, we are getting a lot of good moisture and it’s perfect fort/snowman/snowball making snow.



Daddy & BabyBird peeking out at me from inside the fort.



He was soo tickled to be inside a fort. His first reaction was “Hehe, I like it!”



Daddy teaching him the fine art of throwing snowballs behind the safety of his fort. We only played outside for a few minutes before we headed inside for lunch and nap. Later on in the afternoon we came back outside and had a blast throwing snowballs on the driveway and sidewalk.



Pretty epic. Made by Daddy with the assistance of a Home Depot bucket. He’s already eyeing the trash bin with plans on how to make the fort bigger next year.

Being a parent is pretty awesome.



Ordinary Days

I don’t have some amazing story to share or advice that will go viral.

I don’t blog for profit or fame.

I blog mostly for myself and to document these days of being a first time mom and raising my {expanding} family.

I blog to jolt down these memories and what we are doing from the exciting to the mundane day to day, so months and years from now I will remember what life was like with just a 2 year old.

I blog about the ordinary days.