A Day in the Life – 2 Year Old Edition

Now before our lives get rocked with the new edition, I wanted to document what our typical days look like right now. This is inspired by Ashley over at The Domestic Wannabe and I’ve always enjoyed peeking into what other mom’s days are like and what and how they go about accomplishing all of the day to day tasks.

On a typical day Tuesday…

7:20am – BabyBird is awake and playing in his crib. After a few minutes, he’ll call out saying he’s all done napping and is ready to get up. Lately it has been Daddy who has been getting up with him so it gives me a few minutes to slowly get out of bed (which I’ve found has really helped with the morning sickness and it also gives me a few minutes to eat some crackers). Daddy goes across the hall and changes his nighttime diaper and gets him dressed for the day. I can usually hear all sorts of chatter between those two. BabyBird will usually ask to ‘see her’ which he’s referring to me and will plop down in bed with us while we snuggle for a few minutes. He loves to lay down next to me and asks to look at my iPhone for pictures of his friends (::ahem:: aka we check Facebook together). After awhile he goes in his little play area on the side of our bedroom while I shower and get ready for the day. Which usually just involves a shower and putting my hair up.

8:05am – We head downstairs and I start making his breakfast while he wanders into his playroom and starts to pull toys off the shelves. Sometimes he’ll grab some books and sit on the couch and flip through them as I cook his oatmeal (and then stick it in the freezer to cool it down) and get his greek yogurt ready. This has been his stable for breakfast for the past year or so. He loves the routine of it. He sits in his booster seat and eats it himself, while I make something quick for breakfast. I usually either nuke a breakfast burrito or toast a bagel. Towards the end of his yogurt, he’ll ask me to “feed the baby” which is a cute little tradition we’ve established. I scoop up what remaining yogurt there is left and we pretend that he’s a baby and needs to be spoon fed. And just for kicks, he’ll do baby sign language asking for “more” and then sign “all done” when he’s ready to get up.


8:35am – I clean up, unload the dishwasher, make my tea/coffee, check my phone to see what we’ve got planned for the day. Today we have music class at 10:15am so that means we’ll need to leave the house no later than 9:30am to make it on time. So that gives me an hour to do some quick clean up around the house and play time.

8:55am – We sit down together on the couch with a mountain of books to read and go through. This kid loves his books and we’ve built up quite the collection. We go through all of his usual favorites and then I start to prep and get ready to leave the house. I grab some snacks, water bottles for both of us and start to herd my 2 year old out the door.

9:35am – In the car, buckled and ready to go. I have his music class CD playing in the car as we drive into town for the class. He’s talking to me the whole time about what he sees out the window and telling me to “go” even though the light is red. I explain that I have to stop when it’s red over and over.

9:55am – Arrive at music class. This kid refuses to hold my hand in parking lots, so I have to scoop him up and carry him. He insists of doing everything himself which includes walking around in parking lots without holding hands.

10:15am – Music class starts and he loves his teacher and all of his classmates. We’ve been listening to all the songs in the car for weeks so he knows them all and loves to sing along. We dance, sing, play instruments and just generally have a good time.

11:05am – Class is over and we usually will head over to a local bakery or somewhere nearby with another momma and her daughter to hang out, but today we needed to stop by the grocery store before heading home. We drive over to Whole Foods to pick up a few things we need for dinner, and grab some lunch from their salad/hot lunch buffet. I get vegetable samosas & curry and he picks mac & cheese with some veggies from the salad bar.

12:15pm – We are home and I unpack the groceries and get our lunch ready. I wash and cut up some strawberries to go with our lunch and we sit down. We eat together, and he did really well and ate everything on his plate.

12:45pm – Clean up which includes: wipe his face & hands, the table, his booster, the floor, put our plates in the dishwasher and head upstairs for a diaper change and get ready for his nap. By this time, I am exhausted. We do our nap/bedtime routine of changing into PJs, lotion (poor buddy has had really dry skin this winter), and sing our “blow the lights out” song and he lays down and I leave the room. 9.5/10 he is out and I don’t hear a peep from him for at least 2 hours, 2.5 if I’m lucky. But usually music class wears him out so I’m hoping it’s near the 2.5 hour mark today.

12:55pm – I change into comfy clothes and climb into bed. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve been napping when he does. This whole growing another life and not consuming any coffee has been wearing me down.

3:00pm – I wake up and realize he’s still asleep. Score! I roll over and check my phone and hang out on the bed while I wait for him to wake up.

3:25pm – I start to hear grumbles coming from his bedroom and after a few more minutes, he’s up.

3:30pm – Diaper change, and attempt to dress him. This part is like trying to wrestle an octopus. Sometimes, I give up and just let him run around in a diaper until he’s ready (or gets cold whichever comes first) to put clothes on. We head downstairs for a snack. Goldfish, puffs (Pirate’s Booty), rasins, and grapes are his usual requests.

3:50pm – For snack time, I let him sit in my chair at the dinner table and I must repeat at least a dozen times that he must sit on his bottom the whole time. Sometimes he loses his choice and I buckle him into his booster, but he was okay today. I only had to remind him 4 times to remain seated. I heat up some water to make tea to give me an afternoon boost.

park park2 park3

4:15pm – He’s starting to grow restless, so we put on shoes and take a walk to the nearby park. That’s one of the best things living out in the suburb. All of the neighborhood parks tucked behind bike paths that we can easily walk to and explore. The walk to the park is usually just as fun as getting to the park. We stop to examine rocks, pick up sticks and berries, and run and hop around. He knows the way to all the parks by now and I think he can easily make it there without me.

4:50pm – I start to persuade him to leave and walk back to the house. This usually takes some work and bribery. The kid does not want to leave. I’ve tried the walking away trick and he doesn’t care. I think he’d be happy to live at the park if I let him. So after some constant persuasion, we are finally on the move back towards the house.

5:15pm – We are home, and I start cooking dinner. This is either smooth sailing or just a complete nightmare. If I can get him settled down and occupied with an activity (the train table, sticker books, painting, puzzles, or reading books) he’ll happily sit and play and leave me alone to cook in peace. But usually he doesn’t and will pull up a chair and want to watch me which is fine. Except when he starts to pull everything off the counter and then run to his play kitchen and bring all of his play pots & pans into the kitchen to cook with me. It really is cute and adorable, or it was the first time. We do some juggling and I manage to get dinner cooked.

hanging out

Tonight’s dinner was brought to you by games on the iPhone.


6:15pm – Daddy’s home! He races over to greet Daddy the moment he walks into the door and I finish up getting dinner ready and on the table. We all sit down together and eat dinner. Once BabyBird was old enough to eat what we were eating, I’ve always tried to make a meal that we can all sit down together and eat as a family. Sometimes it’s a bit chaotic but I like having all of us around the dinner table together.

6:45pm – Dinner is over and as I clean up, Daddy takes the messy toddler upstairs for his bath. They have a great routine each night and I can hear them talking and singing all the way downstairs. This is also the one time of the day that BabyBird uses the potty regularly and successfully. While they are upstairs, I clean up and load the dishwasher. If I have time, I usually grab a load of laundry and throw it in the wash too. I do a load of laundry almost everyday just to keep up with everyone.

7:00pm – I head upstairs to say hi and put away clothes or tidy up. Daddy and BabyBird then head downstairs for their nightly piano dance party. BabyBird loves his music and always requests certain songs. Lately it’s been either songs from music class or Adele or holidays. I tidy up around the living room and put clothes away.

7:25pm – Piano time is over, and all 3 of us head upstairs to put the kiddo to bed. I lotion him up one more time, and we sing the “time to blow the lights out” song. Every night right before bed, we always share what our favorite part of the day was. For the longest time, it was just Daddy and I sharing the best parts of our day but lately we’ve been asking BabyBird and his answers are pretty sweet. They range from: dinner, piano, daddy, mommy, together, or his latest favorite has been saying museum. Even though we didn’t go to the museum that day. Daddy gives him one sip of water and tucks him in with seahorse, MeMe his sock monkey, purple bear and two hand sized cows from Chick-fil-a. Yes, we’ve acquired a small zoo in his crib.

7:35pm – The house is quiet. I finish up laundry or any other house chores and we either hang out and watch a movie or head to the office and browse the web and sometimes I blog.

9:30pm – I head up to bed. Daddy usually stays up later than me. He either reads news on the computer or most of the time he is working.

10:15pm – Right before bed, I always go in and tuck BabyBird in one last time. I’ve done this since day 1, and sometimes he’ll stir and wake up and see that it’s me but most of the time he is completely out and I just readjust his blanket and lovies around him. I sleep so much better knowing he’s all tucked in and safe.

10:20pm – I’m guilty of reading on my phone right before bed, checking blogs or IG and seeing what everyone else was up to. Then it’s lights out.

Phew, thanks for hanging in there. That was a lot longer of a post then I intended and I’m tired just typing it all up. Ha! Not to mention that I do this everyday :) Hope you enjoyed a little peek into my day.