Potty Training, Day 2

Day 2.

4 accidents in the morning.

6 successful potty trips.


Here we go on our first full day of potty training.

The morning started off great with a good pee in the potty right after getting up and taking off his night time diaper. BabyBird was super excited to get to wear underwear again and happily picked out his new pair for the morning and we all went downstairs for breakfast.

We set the potty timer to go off every 20 minutes with a reminder to use the potty and made breakfast which included a yummy smoothie made by Daddy to help things along. Extra encouragement was given to drink more water and we off for the day. And every so often I offered more and more chances to take a sip of his smoothie or water.

First accident was shortly after breakfast in the play room (which is now rug-less) and left a puddle of pee by his Thomas the Train table. Second accident was under the same table later on, when he crawled under to retrieve a toy. Both times he noticed that he was peeing and said “uh-oh” and said his wee-wee was leaking. So he got what was going on, but just couldn’t stop peeing. Then the third accident was by the bookshelf an hour later. And of course each time the timer went off and we went to the bathroom he didn’t have any pee.

So by mid-morning we were a bit discouraged with the training and tired of cleaning up pee from the floor. It was nice that we were both home, so one of us could walk BabyBird to the bathroom while the other one tended to the accident. Between the timer going off every 20 minutes, accidents, offering things to drink and gentle reminders to use the potty, walking him to/from the potty, it is exhausting to say the least. Each of those things isn’t so bad, it’s the combination of everything plus the constant watch on him every moment to watch for cues.


After the third accident, I gathered some books and puzzles and we camped out 3 feet away from the bathroom determined that we will make it to the potty in time. Reset the potty timer and waited. We read books and put together puzzles and 15 or so minutes later, he noticed and said he was leaking. We quickly rushed the 2 steps and sat on the potty. Success! He peed the rest in the potty. I have never been so excited and proud to see pee in a little potty. BabyBird loves to dump the pee into the toilet, flush and wash his hands play in the sink. We gave him high-fives, cheers and hugs and told him how proud we were and just made a big deal that he went potty and kept his underwear dry.

A few times after this (when the potty timer went off), we went and sat on the potty but nothing came out.

Then it was lunch time and half way through lunch, he told us that he needed to potty. We quickly got him down from his booster seat and he peed in the potty. Woohoo! For nap time he was put in a diaper and slept for 3 hours. Little guy was tuckered out and so were we. Daddy and I both took a nap too; potty training wears the entire family out.

For the rest of that afternoon, he went potty every time and had no accidents. About half of the time he peed when the timer went off and the other half of the time he would tell us that he had to go potty again. The proudest moment was during piano time with Daddy and BabyBird actually stopped playing his instruments and walked up to Daddy and told him he had to potty.

During dinner he asked to go potty 3 times with no pee or anything in the potty, which meant dinner lasted about 1 hour from start to finish and he was the only one eating. After dinner was bath time and got into his jammies. As we were about to tuck him in for the night, he said he had to go potty (even though he had a diaper on) so we quickly unzipped him from his jammies, took off his diaper and sat him on the toilet in his bathroom. I wasn’t in the room, but could hear BabyBird repeating “I gotcha” to himself as Daddy reassured him that he wouldn’t fall in the toilet. A few drips came out and that was it.

Since he was an infant, we’ve always either nursed or given him a bottle before bed. Then it transitioned into a sippy cup of water and for the last year or so, it has been a little cup of water by his bedside. The routine would always be a sip before hugs and getting tucked in. With night training in mind down the road, we took away the cup of water in hopes of helping him keep a dry diaper throughout the night.

Day 2 was completed and what a relief that by the afternoon he really got the whole process and was so happy and proud to keep his underwear dry.


In Summary:

:: lots of “false alarms” today, when he thought he had to pee but it was just farts instead

:: he pooped in his nap time diaper, so no pooping on the potty yet

:: by the end of the day, could feel when he had to pee and would let us know

:: the potty timer has been our best tool to help remind him to try using the potty

:: wore only one pair of underwear the whole afternoon and kept them dry



Sniff Sniff

I found this adorable little pea Halloween costume at a consignment sale and thought it would be perfect for #2 come this October. Funny thing about “newborn” sizes because this fits my 2 year old toddler just fine.


Somewhere last week, BabyBird caught a little bug. And then it magically of course was given to me. Itchy throat, running nose, headache. Yup. We were sick.

The sickness did not slow down this 2 year old, not. one. bit. He happily ran around with a little running nose and all was right in the world. His momma on the other hand, got hit a little bit harder. Being sick and pregnant sucks. Like really sucks. For one you are already tired from growing said little human inside of you, and then there’s another one on the outside that also needs to be fed 3x a day. And maybe a diaper change or two also.

What also sucks about being sick and pregnant? You can’t take anything. So I sucked it up and just popped as much elderberry as I could and went on my merry misery way. By day 2, I wasn’t feeling any better so I started to google what I could take and learned about homeopathic meds that I could try. Sure, why not. A trip to the natural grocery store and $40 poorer, it did nothing for me.

Now I’m on day 4 and starting to feel a lot better. I’ve gone through enough tissues to fill a bathtub and thankfully I’ve been able to sleep okay during the night so at least there’s that. BabyBird is all back to his chipper self (I think he is also cutting 3 teeth at the same time, poor fella) and I am on the mend.

Oh and the best part of this whole ordeal? BabyBird learned it was so much easier to run into mom for a big hug and then wipe his face (running nose and all) across her shirt for some relief and then happily run away. Ha!

Motherhood is so glamorous.

Potty Training, Day 1

Day 1.

5 pairs of underwear worn in a 4 hour time span.

4 accidents.

1 successful pee in the potty.


We’ve been talking up being big boys and going to the potty for weeks. And up until this point, BabyBird has been using his potty before bath every night with a very high success rate for the last 4+ months or so. Daddy and BabyBird have got the bedtime bath routine down to an art and they’ve made up silly songs to sing while BabyBird sits on the potty and Daddy gets the tub ready for the bath each night.

The Potty Book for Boys is a book we picked up at a bookstore a few months ago, and in the last few days he’s been reading it to himself in the morning and asking for underwear. When I ask him more about it, he says he wants red underwear like the boy in the book. So we took this opportunity and ran with it and marched ourselves over to Target to let him pick out his very own set of underwear. Before we headed to Target, we stopped to get lunch at his favorite of all favorite places to eat. Chipotle. While we were eating lunch, we were talking up the excitement of going to get underwear afterwards and he was soo excited that he leaned over to the table next to us and proudly told the single male munching away at his burrito that he was going to get underwear. The guy just smiled and nodded, I guess he doesn’t have kids.




He was stoked to be picking out his own underwear. And if we didn’t stop him, he would have put a pair of each kind in the basket. We settled on Thomas the Train, A Pixar Character set, & Sesame Street.

We got home right at nap time, so he went down for a nap (in a diaper) and I threw all of this new underwear in the wash. Can I just say that a few dozen pairs of 2T sized brielfs is pretty adorable to wash?

After nap, we made a big deal about getting to put on real big boy underwear and let him choose his first pair. Then proceeded to make a nice big smoothie and was offered lots of sips of water. We rolled up the rug in his play area (thank goodness! because he ended up peeing in this area 3 times) and we were off.

We set a potty timer to go off every 15 minutes to help remind BabyBird to use the potty.

We played games, read books and during one of the books I noticed that he started to pee but stopped himself and we ran to the potty. Where then… nothing happened. He didn’t want to pee. So we cleaned up and put on a new pair of underwear and went back to the book. With a lot of reassuring that we wanted to keep our underwear dry and to tell us when he needed to pee. So we went back to the books where he then peed on the floor again. We let him clean it up and showed him that we didn’t want pee on the floor and instead wanted it in the potty.

The next couple of trips didn’t yield any pee or poop in the potty. We asked if he needed to pee and used the timer. We even demonstrated how to use the potty.

I made and cooked dinner (buffalo burgers & sweet potato fries) and sat down for our first meal sans diaper. We placed a small hand towel on his booster seat and all sat down to eat together. I asked once if his underwear was stil dry and it was. Then a little bit later, he said it was wet and we rushed over the potty. Success! He peed the rest in the potty and we hoot and hollered and made such a big deal of the event. We were so proud. I think he got it that once he started to pee and could feel that it was a little bit wet he stopped himself and told us, even in the middle of dinner! Yay!

After dinner was bath, stories and lights out.


In Summary:

:: this is exhausting. Between the constant vigil of watching him and reminding him to listen to his body, we are pooped (pun intended) after just potty training this afternoon

:: we aren’t using treats or rewards for going potty. We are using a lot of verbal praise and high-fives and cheers

:: thankfully our downstairs is all hardwood floors or tile, so clean up as been relatively easy to just wipe up

:: he’s just wearing underwear and a t-shirt

:: for naps/bedtime we are still using a diaper, until he starts to wake up dry

:: he loves picking out his underwear, and could careless what character was on them. He prefers to pick by the color of the trim

:: BabyBird is 26 months old or 2 years & 2 months.


Stay tuned for Day 2.

Give Me All Your Carbs

Being pregnant does have it’s perks. We just won’t talk about those first few exhausting weeks called the first trimester.

Stretchy maternity pants and leggings are definitely a highlight and not worrying about your gut or love handles showing. Because you are growing a person inside of you. That’s my superpower.

Plus the added benefit of being able to indulge just a little bit.

Those first 6-8 weeks suck, but once I was over that hump I was ready to consume everything in sight. Especially if it was carb loaded. For instance…


These are delicious. Melt in your mouth donuts. I had such a craving for donuts this time around that I frequented this donut shop once a week and walked out with a box each time.



My other staple, pasta. This is the Pasta Fresca from Noodles & Co. Sprinkle on some freshly grated black pepper and it is absolutely nom-able.



Sheer comfort food. I won’t even start on how wacky this spring weather has been, so having a loaded baked potato soup in spring is how we roll. Soup recipe is from Okay, BA! 



A big pot of pesto noodles. The picture doesn’t do it justice, this pan spans half of my cooking range. The recipe is inspired from Noodles & Co (notice a trend here?) and this is easily gobbled up for dinner. This is also one of BabyBird’s favorite noodle dishes. First being mac & cheese.



And last but not least, these heavenly red velvet cupcakes from a local bakery. Said bakery is across the street from the hubs’ office. So it’s super easy for him to grab one (or two, let’s be realistic here) on his way home. It makes a preggo lady very happy. Hint hint.

So are you hungry now?