Ultrasound Pics


Even though this is #2, it still never ceases to amaze me that a little person can grow inside of me and in just a short time span of 12 weeks it is fully formed and has ten fingers and toes.

Now baby #2 was quite comfy during this ultrasound. Translation: wasn’t up for cooperating with the tech. We ended up doing the ultrasound in two parts because baby wasn’t up for flipping around. I got up and left the room to walk around the hospital and sipped on more water in hopes that baby was going to flip over so the tech could take the measurements she needed. In the end she got the pics she needed and everything checked out fine.

We watched this little one swim and move around and I was surprised that I couldn’t feel any of it. It was until exactly 20 weeks that I felt movement with BabyBird.



Oh sweet baby, we are so excited to meet you this fall.

Lately I’ve been feeling that this one is going to be a boy and I will be living in a house filled with boys (our two cats are also boys) and I would be perfectly fine with that! There is something sweet about little boys and their momma.


  • http://asortafairytaleblog.com [email protected] a sorta fairytale

    I just love u/s pictures!! Fun to see their little features emerging from in the womb! And you’re right, there is something so amazing about the bond between a mama and her son!… I guess you’ll find out what you’re carrying soon enough!

    • MommaBird

      Blows my mind that everything is there just after 12 short weeks. Crazy!