10 Weeks – Sleep


originally written on March 14th

It’s kind of hard to wrap my head around the fact that I’ve been pregnant for a little over 2 months now. Some reason this pregnancy is going faster and yet feels slower than last time around. I remember the first time around I would check the weekly developmental milestones each day and re-read what was growing and developing inside of me compared to this time around I check it each week on my flip day (the day of the week that marks the start of the next week of gestation).

Morning sickness comes and goes now and lucky I have not felt as horrible as I did a few weeks ago. I’ve been listening to my body more and eating more regularly and snacking in-between meals so I think that has helped a lot on keeping the sickness at bay. You should see my nightstand, it’s stocked with all sorts of snacks. And I’ve been drinking water like it’s my job. Which also leads me to pee every 45 minutes or so. Should I even complain about going to the bathroom? I probably shouldn’t because I know it’s only going to get worse from here.

Now for sleep, that has been a rough issue lately. I can settle down and fall asleep okay on most nights, but I just can’t seem to stay asleep through the whole night. I wake up to a drop of a pin and then it takes me forever to fall back asleep. So I’m sleeping in 2-3 hour stretches at night and so far I’ve felt okay in the mornings. I guess it’s just mother’s nature’s way of preparing me for a newborn?

Physically, I’ve started to show a little bit and my stomach has popped out. I’m using the good old hair tie trick with my jeans to keep them on and so far that’s been working for me. I have a few of those belly bands, but they tend to slide around and get too tight by the end of the day. I bought one pair of stretchy pants from GAP and oh my, I forgot how comfy maternity pants were so that’s one plus to being preggers.

BabyBird has been doing great. At every stage I always feel a bit sad that he is growing up so quickly and that I am missing the baby stage, but I do have to say that at every stage, I love it more and more. He is at the point where we can communicate and plan out our day and what activities we want to do. It’s a lot of fun having a little buddy that’s with me all day. He’s grown a lot more independent and will play by himself for a good 15-20 minutes before he wanders around to find me and see what I am up to.

One struggle lately has been drop off at his montessori school (he only goes 2 days a week) in the morning. He clings to my leg (can you say heartbreaking?) and doesn’t want me to leave. I literally have to pry his little hands off of me, wave and give him a kiss goodbye and walk out of the room. His teachers say that he calms down within a few minutes and is fine the rest of the day, but will ask where I went and when I will be back to pick him up. Just rip my heart out kid. I hope this is just a stage and he’ll grow out of it soon. Absolutely breaks my heart at drop off each morning.

Tomorrow is my first midwife appointment so I’m excited to hear this little one’s heartbeat and get checked out. Feels weird to not have gone in for an earlier appointment this time around to get “doctor certified” that I an indeed pregnant.


8 Weeks – Exhaustion


originally written on February 28th 

Sheer and utter exhaustion. This growing a person business is tiring, like really tiring. Everyday I am so looking forward to BabyBird’s nap time (and not just for the break) but also for my afternoon nap as well. Thankfully this guy has been going easy on me and napping for 2+ hours each day which offers me some relief.

I don’t remember being this tired the first time around. Or maybe I was and just don’t remember it. I was working full-time and doing all the regular household chores so I guess chasing after a 2 year old is a lot more work.

Seems like my nausea and morning sickness comes and goes every few days or so. I’ll be feeling fine for a few days and then BAM! it hits and I’m sick and achy all over and want nothing to do with food. Like last Wednesday, as I as going to bed the night before I could feel the nausea coming on and just knew that I would be in trouble the next day and sure enough I was right.

In 2 weeks we have our first midwife appointment and I’m excited to see this little sweet pea. It’s started to sink in that we are going to have another baby, especially on the days when I am just so tired and nauseated, and this tummy bloat is starting to look more like a bump. Speaking of which, I did bust out a pair of maternity pants. Oh sweet heaven I’ve forgotten how comfortable elastic waist band pants were. I’ve only gained 2lbs so far, but feels like a lot more in my mid section.

Sleep has been going well. I do go to bed a lot earlier these nights and usually just have to get up once to pee and can fall back asleep. I’m sleeping anywhere from 12-15 hours a day and still wake up tired and feeling exhausted. I am really hoping by 2nd Tri this fades and I start to feel like myself again.

This weekend we have our photo session with our family photographer to capture BabyBird and his 2nd birthday, and to also get a photo pregnancy announcement that we’ll post & send to family and friends. I’m looking forward to the shoot and just hope that I feel good this weekend.


6 Weeks and 1 Day – Morning Sickness


originally written on February 17th

Morning sickness hit.

And it hit hard.

Who ever coined the phase “morning sickness” was obviously not 1. a women and 2. pregnant. Because it was not limited to just the morning. This was all day sickness. Stomach trashing, body aching, nausea hitting at full force kind of sickness. I like to think of myself as not a wimpy kind of a girl. I rarely take medicine for any aliment and have learned to listen to my body, heck I even went through labor and birth all naturale. But if someone had offered me a pill that would have made the nausea stop, I would have taken it in a heartbeat. That’s saying a lot.

So this weekend, I laid around the house. Literally. I barely moved and just napped. I felt so unproductive. I also only consumed half a banana and a child sized cup of applesauce as that was all that I could muster to keep down. Every smell and odor in the house made me want to barf. Except I couldn’t because my stomach was empty. It was awful. I didn’t want to sit at the dinner table with the family as they ate, and BabyBird was so confused as to why my plate was empty and why I wasn’t eating with him. By the end of the day, BabyBird started to understand (that mommy wasn’t feeling good, not that I was pregnant and his world was going to be rocked in 9 months from now) and would look at me and say ‘Mommy, all done napping?’. By the end of the day, I was finally able to eat some crackers and then went to bed in hopes that a night’s rest would help and I would return to my regular self in the morning.

But in all of this complaining, I know that I am so blessed to be pregnant. I know of so many friends who are struggling with infertility issues and their hopes of starting or growing their family. It absolutely breaks my heart knowing they are struggling at this time. So even though I am nauseous and exhausted it is a kind of happy and joyful sickness because I  know that I am growing a little person inside of me and that makes it all worth it.

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