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4 Weeks – I’m Knocked Up!


originally written on February 8th

February 7th. Today, I found out that I am pregnant! ::yippee::

4 weeks along, according to Baby Center.

We’ve been talking about an addition to the family for a few months now, and just decided that we’d give it a go in 2013. So for the few months leading up to the new year, I charted and jotted down my cycle (which had been all over the place after having a kid and breastfeeding). On a whim this evening, I decided to take a pregnancy test, after realizing that the charting app on my phone said I was 7 days late.

Look at that. Two lines. I’ll be.

The last few weeks were a tad bit hard on the hubs. Somewhere between the day-to-day activities and normal everyday chores, I started to feel overwhelmed. And the backlash was on my poor hubs. Thanks for hanging in there, and sorry for being cray cray.

I really thought that I would “feel” more pregnant the 2nd time around and that I would just be able to tell. You know, since having one kid and all that would make me an expert. But honestly, other than the two lines appearing, I really didn’t think I was pregnant. My jeans were getting a bit snug, but I just figured it was bloat and eating to much fried chicken & pasta.

I called today and made my first appointment with the midwives in 6 weeks and I’m pretty excited to hear the heartbeat.