Say What?


Early one morning before getting out of bed

BabyBird: “All. Done. Napping!”

as I walk into his room

Momma: “Oh, good morning honey”

BabyBird: “I pooped!”

Momma: “You pooped?”

BabyBird: “No judge”


His latest comeback has been saying the word “notebook” at random times, I think he’s trying to make a joke

BabyBird: “Notebook.”

Daddy: “That doesn’t make any sense.”

BabyBird: “Two cents.”


Me trying to wipe his face after lunch

BabyBird: “No! Walk away, momma!”


Teacher at School: “Where’s the baby?”

pulls up his shirt & points to his tummy

BabyBird: “In here”

Teacher: “No… there’s not a baby in there.”

BabyBird: “Nope. It’s in teacher’s belly!”

Teacher: “Oh no no no! There’s no baby in my belly.”


Momma: “Good morning, did you have a good nap?”

BabyBird: “Yeeeah.”

Momma: “Did you have any dreams?”

BabyBird: “Yeeeah.”

Momma: “What did you dream about?”

BabyBird: “Momma.”

Momma: “Really? ::melts:: What was momma doing?”

BabyBird: “Dada.”


His favorite songs:

Baby Bumblebee

Tiny Tim

This Train is Bound for Glory (from Music Together class)