12 Weeks – End of the First Trimester


originally written on March 23rd – Phew now we are all caught up!

Now that I approach the end of the first trimester, I am both relieved and a bit sadden by just how quickly this pregnancy is going by. Those first 10 weeks were rough, and I am so happy to be done with the first portion of this baking. My energy levels are coming back up, though I still do take an afternoon nap on most days, and thankfully I can eat again. I’ve been indulging in donuts and Big City burritos smothered in hot sauce along with some ice cream bars here and there. I’ve gained a steady 2lbs so far, and there is definitely a bit of a pooch going on.

The first appointment with the midwives went great and each of the midwives are so sweet and caring. They truly take their time with each person and we were there for well over an hour going through everything and answering any questions we had. Which this time around we really didn’t have much to ask this early on. They pulled up my old file from BabyBird’s pregnancy and it was so sweet to see glimpses of their notes and ultrasounds from that pregnancy almost 2 years ago. After the paperwork was done, I got to hop onto the table and get a listen to this little one’s heartbeat. Laying down on that table and waiting for the midwife to find the heartbeat was probably the longest 30 seconds ever. She reassured me as she was searching around that it sometimes takes a little bit to find it, and sure enough we heard the very quick whoosh-whooshing of this one’s heartbeat.

Next week we have our first trimester screen which includes an ultrasound, so I am a bit excited to see this little one and get a picture. And I’m sure there’s a slew of blood work (I can never watch the actual draw and always have to look away) and urine tests too. Remind me to not have asparagus the night before.

I think BabyBird is starting to understand that there is a baby growing in my belly. When I ask him where the baby is, he’ll usually pull up his shirt and point to his belly. Then I ask him if he’s sure, and he’ll crack up and say ‘No, silly… It’s in mommy’s belly!’ and the other night as we were putting him to bed, he asked to kiss my belly goodnight. So sweet. 3/4 when I ask him if he thinks it’s going to be a baby brother or baby sister, he replies that it’s a sister. Hmm, maybe he knows something that I don’t.


  • http://simplyanotherchance.blogspot.com/ Bailey

    It always takes them a long time to find Sweet Pea’s heart beat on me, because of all the extra fluff. They couldn’t even find it until midway into the second trimester.

    I absolutely love looking at the ultrasound pictures too. They’re so precious.

    • MommaBird

      I love that you got 3D ones, those always take my breath away at the amount of detail and you can really see their features. And later when you hold her in your arms it’ll seem like you’ve met her before.

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