Dear BabyBird,

You turn 2 today. As I sit here looking back at pictures in the last 2 years, I am in completely awe of how much you have changed and grown into your own little person this last year. You are thoughtful and caring of others and when you hear other babies cry it upsets you. You love your independence whether that is walking down the stairs with arms full of blankets and cups or insisting on putting on your own shoes and socks in the morning. You have a great spunk about you and just really love and enjoy each moment no matter where we are. At this age, you are so much fun to take to places and be my partner in crime where ever we go. You laugh at all of my silly jokes and faces and you are starting to get a sense of humor. You love music and playing outside at the playground or just walking around examining every leaf and twig you find along the way. You have made me appreciate the smaller things in life and enjoying the present moment.



You are the highlight of my day and I just can’t even imagine what my life would be like without you in our family. You made me into a mommy and that is the best gift I could have every received. I love you to the moon and back.