February Blizzard of 2013

Last week we Coloradans got hit with a good amount of snow. Significantly enough to make people ponder if they need to leave the house and the schools to be on a delay in the morning. It takes a lot of snow to have an actual snow day.

Saturday night it started to snow and snowed all throughout the night. By Sunday morning a thick blanket of snow covered everything. This winter has been pretty bleak in terms of snow fall, so it was actually nice to see a lot of snow and not have any place we had to be. So we bundled up and took BabyBird outside to play in the snow. He was such a trooper on getting his snow pants and everything on (unlike last year when he would just fuss and wiggle when I tried to put on his snowsuit)

We headed outside and his reaction was priceless. His little face just lit up seeing all the snow and started to run down our drive way only to get a couple of feet before it came up to his thighs making it a bit hard to walk. We shoveled some of it and made forts, threw snowballs at each other and just had a good time in the snow.



Helping Daddy shovel the driveway.




Tromping through the snow with Daddy





Making snow castles





Can you tell that he had a good time? It was a brisk 30 degrees outside, so after a little bit we headed inside to warm up with hot chocolate while Daddy finished up shoveling the sidewalks. Unfortunately BabyBird did not like hot chocolate. Well, maybe next year kiddo.