Review: Toddler Nike Lunar Forever 2 @finishline

So the mother of all snow storms hit Colorado this weekend. We are talking heavy snow fall and gusts with made for quite the incredible Sunday morning on the last week in February. Colorado winters are so random.

But in other news, this kiddo has been growing like a weed. Overnight we moved from 18-24mo sized pants to 2T which looked huge at first but now they fit perfectly. Same goes with shoes. So I was stoked when Finish Line asked me to review a pair of their toddler line of shoes. Hell yeah!  Now I didn’t realize Finish Line carried toddler shoes (I’ve shopped there for running shoes for myself back in the day when I ran) but totally awesome that they carry a big line of toddler shoes from your everyday sneaker to Jordans.


I ordered this pair the Nike Lunar Forever 2 ($43.99), and they are awesome! I love the lace in the front to help keep a toddler shoe in place and the easy velcro snap across the front makes it so much easier to wiggle a foot into a shoe. Because as moms, that is a key component to any shoe. How easy is it to get on? And does it stay on? For this Nike shoe, the answer is an enthusiastic yes to both. The shoe is really well made and I can tell it won’t fall apart on us anytime soon. Plus they offer a lot of support for all the running and jumping that will be happening on the playground and everywhere else.

And another plus? With the added cushion on the bottom, they are great in the snow. We wore them out today in the slush and his toes stayed nice and warm and dry.

When I first put them on, the kiddo ran off and around the house and proudly proclaimed that they were his new “fast” shoes. Because obviously he can now run even faster with those shoes on. Toddler verdict: win! He loves them and was ready to go in an instant. Mom verdict: win, too! A well made shoe to keep up with my active toddler that is also easy to get on and stays on. Score! Check out finishline for their whole line of toddler shoes and they are also offering free shipping so if you can’t make it to the mall you can shop in the comfort of your home. I highly recommend them, they are the perfect toddler shoe.