All By Yourself







You are official a big kid. No longer needing your mommy to go up with you. Thank goodness because those structures are not made for adults. You climbed up the play area {with some encouragement from me on the bench} and after the first climb, you were a pro and navigated the slide and tunnels with ease. You’d slide down the big curly blue slide and would have the biggest smile on your face and would run around to climb it again and again.

On a different day, when we visited the same area it was much busier with a bunch of older kids. Not wanting to let you hopes down that we wouldn’t get to play, I let you climb around the mad house play structure. The noise and craziness of a bunch of older kids didn’t seem to bother you. But after a little bit, I could start to hear the older kids chanting ‘no babies allowed’ and ‘no babies up here’. I knew in an instant that they were talking about you. But you didn’t. The momma bear in me was getting mad and upset that they were picking on you for being younger {which, for the record these older kids were too old to be playing here in the first place} and I was getting mad. I glanced around to see where the parents were and everyone was looking down at their phone not paying attention. I shouted encouragement from below for you to climb to the very top and not mind the other kids and slide down {because we were leaving} and headed to the library instead.