A Few of Your Favorite Things

Little guy you are just growing up so quickly. Between the constant chatter and daily new antics, you are definitely becoming more like a little boy than my baby. ::sniff::

Here is a quick photo dump of all of your favorite activities lately.



Sitting on the couch with a little pillow behind your back and reading to ‘MeMe’ and Cuddly Bear.



Hanging out in jammies on lazy mornings and playing with your Thomas train set. Though you were caught this time sitting on the table. Look at that guilty face!



Bundling up and going for runs with Daddy. There are a couple of areas in our neighborhood that are currently under construction and you love it when Daddy runs by the construction site.




These Melissa & Doug water pen pads are a-mazing! The page changes color as you wet it so it looks like you are painting, easy and no mess!




Love the stamping set that Grandmama got you for Christmas. And have been practicing ‘no fingers’ in the ink pad.



Caring for your Ernie doll and holding him like a little baby. {I promise we do get dressed… most days}




Reading at the library. These itty bitty chairs just melt my heart in the children’s area.