Missing the Dreamy Naps

Dear BabyBird,

Last weekend we had the dreamiest nap together, and it reminded me how much I miss them! When you were small it was a regular occurrence to have you fall blissfully asleep on my chest, or tucked under Mama’s arm, and snooze that way for hours. We’d catch them on the couch, on the bed, or just in the rocking chair in your room. But then the whole toddler independence thing kicked in where even if you’re dead-tired, you want to be put down in your crib with full honors – Mimi, Moo, Seahorse, and Blankie ON.


Usually we have to follow this ritual even if you fall asleep in the car. You’ll stir unpleasantly as we try to get you out and then only want to sleep once you’re tucked away up in your room. But this time I think we managed to get you tired enough for an exception! You’d been up all afternoon and then even pressed on through evening long enough for us to pick up dinner after our busy day, but right as we were driving into our neighborhood fell asleep hard. This time you were out; I was able to gently sneak you out of your car seat, onto my shoulder, and into the house which out so much as a sound. So we lay down on the touch together and just snoozed for a good hour or two. Mama ate dinner and watched with a smile, and eventually you crept off of my chest onto the soft blanket near by for a re-adjustment, but it was a great nap.


I know these are few and far between now so I’m taking them in whenever I get a chance. Thanks for the snuggles and keeping me warm!