Post #200 – Random Tidbits

Oh. Hai.

Somewhere between Dec and the start of the new year, I lost my mojo on posting. Partly because I never posted about Christmas with a 2 year old and how awesome it was or about going to my 10 year high school reunion and partly because I kinda just fell behind and felt like I need to “catch up” before I could blog about recent things. Well, tonight I decided to just start back up and maybe later on (Oh, let’s say in Feb) I’ll recap the older stuff.

And this is post #200. Woohoo.



So what’s been going on lately? The fact that my baby is now almost 2 years old and literally cracking me up with the stuff that comes out of his mouth. Most of it is just hilarious but then there are the times that it just makes my heart ache. The other day, while we were playing legos he stops playing and looks up at me and asks “am I a good friend?” and it almost broke my heart. It felt like he was pondering this while we were playing and just needed to ask. I reassured him that he was a great friend and we continued playing. A few nights ago, as Daddy was putting him to bed, BabyBird reaches out his hands to cup Daddy’s face and asks “will you miss me?” before he was tucked in for the night. Pulling at the heart strings.

Here’s another gem. BabyBird half heartily blows his nose, “Good job?” then looks up at Daddy for praise. “Uh, not really” says Daddy. “Well, good enough” :: speechless::

Another thing we’ve had to be careful about when around this little sponge is being sarcastic. Sarcasm is completely lost on an {almost} 2 year old. And that he will take everything you say literately.

To say the least, he has been a character and is a chatter box all. day. long. He is either talking up a storm or singing songs. The best is when I ask him to sing quietly and he will lower his voice to a whisper. Then he will sing loudly and scream at the top of his lungs the lyrics of the song. But if I ask him to sing at a medium volume, he will just sing the word medium over and over to the tune of the song. Smart ass. Which, by the way, his teachers at school also commented on that he was too smart for his own good at school. Translation: class clown.

This winter we enrolled in toddler soccer which is beyond adorable for these little toddlers who toddle around. It’s mostly skills and learning to listen and follow simple instructions. But once his little feet touch the fake turf inside the soccer field, he is running all around and isn’t the best listener. But I can’t blame him, I would run around too after being cooped up inside the house all day during these cold winter days. However, in stark contrast when we are at music class he is so mellow and follows along during the whole class and is completely focused and on task the entire time.

We’ve mastered the bedtime and nightly routine. By 5pm, I start dinner while I let him {gasp} watch TV which is mostly YouTube videos of children songs while I cook and make dinner. Daddy comes home by 6pm, and we eat. By 6:30pm BabyBird is in the tub and getting a bath while I clean up after dinner and do the dishes. Daddy & BabyBird have their regular nightly jam session on the piano and then we all head upstairs for one story before bed and then it’s lights out by 7:15. We went through a rough patch a week ago with multiple wakes during the night, but we are now back to seven to seven. In bed by 7, and up by 7.

Then there’s the toddler behavior that makes me want to pull my hair out. Like procrastinating bedtime by asking for one more story or another sip of water or a hug or another kiss. The amount of time it takes us to actually get out the door, because putting on shoes is toddler torture. Or God forbid should I ever help him do something that he wanted to do himself to which I get a stern “No! I dooz it, SELF!” That means I have to un-do whatever it is that I just helped with, so he can start all over by himself. Or chasing him around the house to wipe his nose.

Happy 23 months old, my buddy. I can’t believe you are going to be 2 in a month from now.


Love you kid, to the moon and back.