19 Months

So I found this post in my drafts on my iPad that I apparently never published a few months ago. Oops. Now that you are closer to 23 months, this is what you were up to 4 months ago.


Babybird, you are growing by leaps and bounds. Physically, you are running and jumping and can play on playground equipment by yourself. In fact you love the playground so much that, if it wasn’t for the one road we have to cross, you could walk yourself to the playground and wouldn’t even care if I was following you or not. Completely fearless. If we are out at a store, or rec center you have no problem wandering off by yourself and exploring. You are so independent and want to do everything on your own, especially the indoor play areas {which always reminds me of gerbil cages}.

:: 23 lbs. Size 5 diapers. 2T shirts {tear} but 12-18 month pants. 1 nap from 12:30-2:00 … maybe 2:30 if I’m lucky.

:: Love singing songs. You sing the first few verses of Drip Drip Drop, a song we learned from music class, and the tune to ABC.

:: On any given day, you can count from 1-10 by yourself and every once in awhile you’ll skip the numbers 6, or 7, or 8.

:: Walk on tip toes, run, spin around and can sorta jump. Sorta.

:: You can do a forward roll by yourself. We learned this from gymnastic class.


:: Stringing words together. Like ‘MeMe back’ ‘all gone’ ‘get it’

:: Whenever I am eating anything, you always run up to me and look longingly at my food and ask to ‘Trrry?!’ and if I say no, you’ll then tell me to share. Ha! Guess that one is backfiring on me.

:: Says please and thank you. Though sometimes I have to remind you the appropriate times to say which one.


:: Dear child, what is with the 6:15am wake ups? No matter what time you go to bed, you are awake by 6:15am. Most of the time I come in, give you a sip of water, and tell you to lay down again. We are not getting up at 6:15am.

:: In the mornings when you wake up too early for me to get you out of bed, I let you play quietly in your crib. I can hear you making up stories with your MeMe’s {a small stuffed sock monkey} and Moo {your beloved Chick-fil-a cow} and you are singing and talking to yourself. By the time I hear you say MeMe back, I can tell that you are done and everybody has been thrown out of the crib and you are bored and ready to get up.

:: Bedtime Routine – dinner, bath with Daddy, brush your teeth, we do a few books and then it’s lights out. To sleep, we lay one of your blankets down and you love to lay ontop of it with MeMe and Moo by your side. You always fall asleep on your belly, but after a few hours you flip over and sleep on your back for the rest of the night. By the time I go to bed, I always come in to check on you and tuck you in for the night.


:: Last night, you ate a spinach salad with carrots and tomatoes.

:: Favorite veggie is peas. Second favorite is broccoli. You get soo excited for broccoli. I love this kid.