Cookies for St. Nick

After dinner on Christmas Eve we gathered up the supplies and whipped up a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for Santa. BabyBird didn’t quite understand who we were making the cookies for exactly, but he totally got the hang of what we were doing. After I dumped all of the ingredients together in a big bowl, I let the little guy “help” me stir the batter around.



Look at that concentration and determination in wanting to stir the mixture. Having a little helper in the kitchen generally creates more of a mess than help, but it’s the memories and he loves to help me in the kitchen. After the mixing, Daddy took the little tike upstairs for his bath and then came down in PJs and got to watch the cookies bake in the oven.




Santa jammies. We are so festive!




I put two cookies on a plate and told BabyBIrd to walk carefully (and to use both hands!) over to the Christmas tree and set them down and that they were for Santa. Now keep in mind, that this little guy has no idea who Santa is. He knows what he looks like, and has seen pictures but the concept of Santa is still foreign to him. So he slowly walked over to the Christmas tree with a plate of cookies in hand and eagerly presents them to the Santa ornament hanging on the tree. Which then naturally the cookies fall to the ground followed by an “uh oh” as he scrambles to pick them up and put them back on the plate. Then without any hesitation on his part, he grabs a cookie and starts eating them. As we are trying to muffle our laughter at the scene, I try to explain that the cookies were actually for Santa and not for him. So he slowly puts the cookie down, and grabs the other one and noms on it instead.


Thankfully he slept just fine with half a cookie in his belly right before bedtime.

And oh, Santa. Sorry for the already nibbled cookies. But I don’t think you’ll mind.