We Lost a Shoe


Dear BabyBird,

We managed to lose a shoe on our run today. Even though it was barely 40 degrees out and I’m presumably watching the stroller near-constantly as we roll along, when I checked on you about two-thirds of the way through both shoes were off, one resting in the bottom of the stroller and the other nowhere to be found. I’m especially amazed because you kept your gloves on, so you must have worked them off (velcro and all) entirely with your feet. But I guess your socks kept you warm enough not to mind as you were quite happy to finish the run without them.

In the past we’ve lost mittens and you’ve wiggled off your hat, but this is a first for shoes. I guess I was distracted by all the happy singing of Jingle Bells as we went; there’s been barely any snow this year so the paths are clear, but that doesn’t stop you from pretending gleefully that we’re your one horse open sleigh (hey!). The people we pass just love it.

After I noticed the missing shoe I admonished that you’d have to ask Santa for new shoes now, and I guess it stuck because when we got home you immediately told Mama that you lost a shoe, and when she asked what you wanted for Christmas now you simply responded “shoes”. The look I got after that was even better than explaining that we’d lost them to begin with. The runner-up had been trains for quite awhile, so hopefully Santa has it in his heart to find room for both. I’ll let him know you’ve been really good in case it helps!

I am going to obsessively double-check your shoes every mile on runs for the foreseeable future. I’m pretty sure if we lose another I’ll be taking a second run solo to go find it no matter how cold or dark it is!