The Captain’s Chair

Dear BabyBird,

You’re finally old and tall enough to face that mighty car seat forward, and what new fun it’s been. What was weeks ago a cramped little bucket pushing your scrunched legs up against the back seat as you enjoyed the view out windows away from us was instantly transformed into The Captain’s Chair. You sit up behind us, plotting the mission strategy, giving orders, and eagerly giving us a swift kick to the back of our seats if we’re slacking off. Skipping to the next song (sometimes 10 seconds into the song, on every song, on every track), snack or drink GET IT, and jackie OFF are a few of the requests we deftly pay a little more attention to now that you’re right there in our ears.

On top of spinning around the seat in Mama’s car, this also give me a chance to put a new front-facing car seat in my car and you’ve been so excited to ride with me in it. We tried it out for the first time last week on the way to school one morning and you just kept cheering “Dada’s Car!” the whole way there. I don’t know if it’s the car, the seat, or my driving, but you sure do like it!

It’s just about the cutest thing to finally see you sitting forward like a big kid as you take in the road with the rest of us. On to more adventures… Captain.