We are sick.

All three of us.

Head pounding, forever freezing, scratch throat and body ache kind of sick.

And then there’s the whining. Oh dear God, the whining from an almost-2-year-old. I know he isn’t feeling good, so I’m cutting him a lot of slack, but the constant whining is starting to wear on us. And me especially since most things he insits that only Mommy can do it.

The only bright side is the cuddles and snuggling.

Poor guy woke up with a fever yesterday and was just cranky and tired and no appetite. He’s consumed oranges, cereal, goldfish crackers, yogurt melts and some cheese. So not Instagram worthy to even take a pic.

Here’s to hoping that a 6pm bedtime results in some good quality sleep and he {and we} wake up rested and on the mend.