When Your Toddler Sleeps Like a Newborn

Something happened the last few weeks. This kid stopped sleeping through the night. We had one week when he woke up multiple times at night ::yawn:: so that was just brutal. Sometimes he was twisted in his sleep sack, or a lovie couldn’t be found, or just needed a drink of water. But he was waking up and needing something. I contemplated sleep training again, but just didn’t have the heart to be firm with it. It’s much harder to try any of the sleep training techniques when your kid can talk and cries out asking for mommy in the middle of the night.

It never took long for him to fall back asleep, but the constant waking and getting out of bed for me was having it’s toll. I’ve completely forgot what it was like those first 8 months.

I couldn’t quite figure out what was going on. teething? growth spurt? nightmares? I quietly said to myself, it’s just a phase, it’s just a phase, & drink coffee. And surely after a few weeks it passed and now {thankfully} he is sleeping through the night again.

Then that darn daylight savings deal happened and this kid and the sun are synced. So that meant he was waking up at the crack of dawn all bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to play. While I zombie walked into his nursery every morning with one eye open.

Well, at least he’s sleeping through the night, again.



  • http://praying4littlewags.blogspot.com/ Jaclyn

    I feel ya… my 13 month old still doesn’t sleep through the night. He has some good days where I secretly hope he is FINALLY understanding what sleep is… but then he reverts right back to waking every few hours and I don’t know why. I can’t bare to hear him scream for hours and I feel like I’ve waited too long for CIO because now he calls out for me and it is heartbreaking. So I hope in time he will eventually sleep! Luckily.. 13 months without sleep and I don’t really remember what it is to sleep! Ha!

    Side note… remember when you were excited that I blogged about Durango and thought I might live near there… well turns out we are moving will be about an hour or so from Durango! I have no idea how close you are to there, but thought I’d share my news with you.

    • MommaBird

      I hear ya, it’s a lot harder to sleep train when they can stand up and call out for you. When it’s already hard to listen to them cry, much less cry and yell for Mommy. I hope he turns the corner soon, so you get some sleep! But we even have bad weeks too (with no apparent reason for the change).

      Welcome to Colorado! I live outside of Boulder, CO so that’s about 6.5 hours away from Durango. What brings you to Colorado? We’ll have to meet somewhere halfway when you are moved and settled :)

      • http://praying4littlewags.blogspot.com/ Jaclyn

        My husband got a job in the Northwest corner of NM. I am excited for a new adventure… but very nervous and anxious to find a new home/job/childcare… everything else! But as soon as I am allowed to blog about it… watch out! Lol We are waiting until the new year to say much!