I’m Actually Making Things From Pinterest

Pinterest is crack for the internet. And I’m addicted.

Yet, it’s so hard to explain to a non-pinner the concept and why it becomes so addicting. My answer is always, ‘you just got to try it and you’ll see’ … isn’t that what actual crack addicts say to the rest of us?

I’ve pinned hundreds of craft ideas, home decorating, cute outfits and recipes. And every once in awhile, I actually make them. Heck, I even made a board and proudly titled it Things I’ve Actually Made. Because quite frankly 98% of us who use pinterest don’t make the things we are pinning.

But this Halloween, I was searching for outdoor decorations and stumbled across this pin and thought to myself that I could do that!


The Pin:


My Version:


:: I didn’t use duck tape because I was afraid it was going to take the paint off the door, so I used blue painter tape instead. Easy to use and easy to remove.

:: I printed out the black eye balls because I didn’t have a black marker or black paper.

This was super cute and simple Halloween decoration that is suitable for all ages. Plus it does not scream Halloween at you. And I got a few compliments from the parents on how cute it was. The kids were only interested in the candy. I got a good chuckle whenever I drove home and saw my door back when we had sunlight at 5pm, sigh.