How My Toddler Sleeps

We have had a consistent bedtime routine with BabyBird since he was only a few weeks old. Dinner, bath, piano, books, bed. Now that we are a full blown toddler, the routine has pretty much remained the same, just with a few tweaks along the way.

First, no more bottles. I used to warm up a bottle of breastmilk while Daddy gave BabyBird a quick bath. He’d gobble that down in the glider and then it was off to bed. I’d nurse him sometimes but I soon realized that he would just snack and then wake up a few hours later and would seem to be hungry again. I learned that giving him a bottle of pumped milk guaranteed that he ate enough and therefore sleep longer. An infant mother’s wishful thinking, right? Later on, when my supply started to dwindle and we used formula for a few months to bridge the gap before we started cows milk it made for an easy transition. A month or so after his 1st birthday, we stopped giving him bottles. Now we just bring up a sippy cup of water to leave on his nightstand.

Second, we now have lovies. His beloved sock monkey Me-Me. The “early” version of Me-Me was a wubbanub monkey pacifier and as we approached 18 months, we gradually weaned him away from his paci. This was an okay process. We were never a big paci user, just every now and then for fussy nights, long trips, new sleeping arrangements, plane rides, waiting in line to see Obama… you know, the situations when he needed a little extra comfort. Now he snuggles up with his sock monkey friend at night. These were originally the party favors to his 1st birthday party and we had a few left over. I am so happy and relieved that they are interchangeable and he does not have a preference for a certain one. And just recently, he has grown attached to his glowing seahorse.

Third, he can talk. He’ll wake up in the middle of the night and call out for me, or ask for a drink, or for a hug, or for a another kiss, or to turn on the fan, or to say that he’s stuck, or call out for Me-Me {which he threw out of the crib}, or ask for a drink again. Oh, toddlerhood. It’s hard to ignore or think that he’ll settle back down when he’s standing up in the crib calling out momma. How do you not go in, when your toddler calls out, ‘Momma! Hug?’ He knows how to work me.

So let me explain the picture above. After a rough night of multiple wakes and an unrestful night for the both of us, when morning finally came he woke up all happy and bushy tailed. So I went in, turned on the light {keep in mind that the sun wasn’t even up yet}, changed his diaper {hence why he isn’t wearing pants} and gave him a few books to look at while I left the room to get dressed. He usually babbles, reads his books out loud to Me-Me or just jumps around and sings. But this time, it was quiet after a few minutes. So after I got ready, and I went back in and found this. Poor thing was tuckered out and crashed again with Me-Me clutched under his arm.