Happy Birthday, Mama!

Dear Mama,

I heard it’s your birthday today. No wonder you wanted to spend the whole day with me! Daddy said you guys already stole a night out this week (so that’s what the random playdate with Grandpapa and Grandmama was all about?), but today you’re all mine.

What do you think we should do? I could always sleep past 7am, take an extra long nap, or just snuggle quietly for a few hours, and then leave you alone while you enjoy a nice slow lunch. Honestly, that doesn’t sound like much fun. I want to walk backwards, land a forward roll, wash my own hands, pick out my own socks, pick out my own shoes, put my socks, shoes, and jackie on all by myself (actually on second thought, Mama dooz it), try to eat my plastic play food, slip and fall running around on the hardwood floors with socks on, try oh so hard to use the potty, fall asleep in the car right as we get home, play in my crib during nap time, choose my own meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, spread food farther around the kitchen than you can possibly imagine at breakfast, lunch and dinner, go through at least three outfits, roll off the bed while you’re not looking, bite my lip falling off the chair I just climbed, teach my trusty pals Meemee, Moo, Winkie, and Ohorse everything I know, actually catch one of our cats, finally get through all three bowel movements I’ve been saving up for the past couple days, and hopefully walk down the stairs all by myself with no hands.

Also, let’s make sure you have plenty of time to hold me in between. Some days I feel like we spend way too much time apart, like when you go to the bathroom or take a shower. Uuug? Kiss? Wadeur? And we definitely need to FaceTime Daddy while he’s at work! I’ll be expecting piano after telling him what a great day we had.

By the way, luv you Mama… and every day you smile through all of this not only loving me but taking time to write about it means the world to me, and Daddy too!

Your BabyBird