Running Through the Big Kids’ Museum

Dear BabyBird,

Yesterday we had a blast taking you to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. We weren’t sure if you would really get it yet or just be bored the whole time, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. You love all the huge dinosaur bones and pointing the life-size creatures out to us, especially bears, fish, and birds.

On top of that, they had some really fun toddler-sized mini exhibits in each area with fun stuff for a kid your size to do. I don’t remember seeing these when I went to the museum back when I was a kid, but there were crazy mirrors, blocks, buttons, dress up clothes, and plenty else to keep your little hands busy. Plus, even in the big exhibits you love running back and forth between the big windows, finding any buttons to push, and generally getting some energy out as we move from room to room. When we asked what you wanted to do more of you giggled, and still panting gleefully exclaimed, “more running!”. But we could tell you liked the animals too, and it was fun pointing out some of the creatures you’ve only seen in books so far – like the moose and bear from Little Loon and Papa!

As the busy afternoon turned to dusk we got to catch a beautiful sunset over downtown Denver on the way out, with you snuggled up against Mama pointing out all the colors you could see. Then we made it back towards home for what’s quickly become a weekly tradition of pizza at Lucky Pie. There was a wait so we decided to get it to go and while we waited, made the questionable decision to go next door to Sweet Cow for an ice cream appetizer (even responsible parents have weaknesses…). You were surprisingly chill about it, calmly gulping down your tiny scoop with minimal mess and then waiting patiently with us for the the pizza which you then happily still ate like a champ at home. We are constantly amazed by how quickly you’re growing up and able to suddenly behave just like a “big kid” on demand – thank you, little one!

We’ve been trying to figure out plenty of fun things to do with the shorter days and more cold weather ahead since it was so much fun getting out with you every weekend throughout the summer, and we’re all terrified of a weekend cooped up inside, tearing apart the house with boredom. It’s great to see you enjoying another museum so much, and more of them will definitely be on our list!