Happy Birthday, Papa!

Happy Birthday, Grandpa. But that’s hard to say, so I just call you Papa.

Thanks for visiting me and taking me to the park to play so my Mommy & Daddy can go out on a date and eat a meal uninterrupted, whatever that means.

I love looking at pictures of you and I then ask Mommy to call you so we can chat. So I can tell you that I didn’t get to eat any of my Halloween candy this year but Mommy is always listening.

Papa, did you know that you look a lot like my Daddy?


Going boating for the first time. I got my swim suit on and ready to go!


You let me steer the boat & push all of those cool buttons. Look how much I’ve grown in one year.


Papa, you are the best! Happy Birthday. Wuv you!

Tell me, just how long ago was it when you were my age? … huh? I don’t understand…wait… there’s numbers past ten?!?