Toddler Meals – Tip for Picky Eaters

Last night I made a yummy pot of chicken and dumplings soup. Because winter hit hard here in Colorado and it suddenly became 20 degrees. So that calls for soup.

It was bubbling away all afternoon, and I thought surely this would be a hit with everyone, toddler included. What’s not to love? Chicken, carrots, celery and onion in a yummy creamy broth and dumplings. That would be my toddler who only ate a few bites of the soup {but ate everything else on his plate plus an applesauce} so we called it a night and off to bed he went.

I scooped up what was left on his plate and put it away in the fridge. Today for lunch I used his leftovers of the soup as a sauce to go over some pasta noodles. Guess what? He ate the whole plate. Take that, picky eater!


Tip: If he doesn’t eat his dinner, no worries. Save it and try again tomorrow for lunch. You might be surprised at the result.