He’s Testing Me

Stop using your fingers and use the fork, please.

And this is what I get.

Some Most days I have to bite my tongue just so I don’t bust out in laughter at the antics this kid is doing. He knows what’s right and not and he is totally screwing with me to test his boundaries and see just what he can get away with. I’m trying to not lose my cool or composure {mostly just trying to not laugh} at these new things he is doing and saying. Like for instance, I am the only person that can hand him drinks. Whether it is water, milk or a smoothie. It must be handed to him from ME and nobody else. Doesn’t matter if Daddy pours it, but I have to be the one that deliveries it to his hands. You’ve trained me well, kid. Or his favorite phrase lately has been “No, Momma do it”

And lately he has been the slooowest eater, ever. He’s still a little string bean, so I let him take as long as he wants, but now it’s just comical. We used to have to inhale our food as quickly as possible before he was done with his and was ready to move onto the next step of his bedtime routine. But thankfully now we are able to sit, eat and chew our food in the time it takes him to eat his. We also moved him from his highchair to a booster seat this week. We got this booster seat from Amazon and absolutely love it. I was thinking of getting the one without seat belts, but I’m so glad that I got the ones with straps to keep him in. Can I say that it’s been adorable having this little guy seated next to me at the dinner table? Each night at dinner he’ll identify everybody’s plates by pointing and stating “Momma’s” and “Daddy’s”. He’s also been getting the exact same thing we are eating for dinner each night so he’s been gobbling up lasagna and stir-fry with noodles just like us. Although I have been making our food a bit more bland {and for those that know me, you know that I like my food spicy with a capital S} but he seems to enjoy it and it’s nice having him eat dinner with us.