Going Down the Big Boy Slide

On a chilly weekend, we decided to bundle up and head over to the rec center for some indoor fun. This little guy is constantly on the move and was in need of some climbing and sliding action to use some of the energy that is stored in his legs.

This guy’s physical ability amazes me. Or maybe it’s just the fact that he’s growing up. Either way, they both amaze me. Once we were inside the play area, he was off. I went with him {which these play structures are not necessarily made for grown adults} and as I slowly maneuvered through the maze of tunnels and rope ladders trying to squeeze my body through these obstacles, he was having no trouble at all. I have a fear of heights and even more so when I am suspended above ground by ropes ladders where I can see the ground below and imagine myself falling, so needless to say my knees start to go weak. But not this kid.

That is until we got to this totally huge and awesome slide. He didn’t want to go down by himself. So for the first few dozen times, Daddy bravely climbed the course with him and slid down the slide together holding hands. Adorable, right?

After a few times, BabyBird got the hang of how to get back to the very top of the play structure to slide down again. And after much encouragement and cheering {Daddy at the top and me at the bottom of the slide} and him sitting at the top for 15 minutes mustering up the courage to slide down solo… he finally did it! All. By. Himself. The look on his face was priceless as he was sliding down, a mix of sheer joy and panic that he was doing it alone. By the time he slide into my arms, he was all smiles and ready to do it again. And so we did, another 37 times, give or take a few.

All that sliding worked up an appetite. We went to Chipotle for lunch and he gobbled up his kids meal in no time.

He crashed shortly after we got home and took a good nap. That’s the mark of a successful morning.