Using the Potty

Dear BabyBird,

You are going full speed ahead with the potty. We bought one of those little kid potties awhile ago and just left it sitting in the bathroom where you could see it, but it went completely unnoticed until a few weeks ago. Then suddenly one day, you were all “paah-tee!” on us, eager to sit down and give it a shot. We had our first successful go that night around bath time, and then for three nights in a row you used it before or after bath again.

I think that seeing all the bigger kids using them in your toddler room at school helped kick it in gear, not to mention your favorite Elmo’s Potty Book, but we’re thrilled that this is happening pretty much at your discretion with us just happy to keep up. You’re now asking for the potty when you need to go any time around the house, and most of the time we can get upstairs in time. You’ll usually give it a try before bath no matter what as well, and even when you don’t quite make it you quickly let us know that you needed to go and that a diaper change is in order.

Best of all, we’ve been working hard on the distinction between “pooped” and “farted” as these are very different in scope, one being all fun and games while the other requires immediate attention. There was some confusion early on where any activity down there was considered “pooped”, leading to many false alarms… but after questioning you patiently many times on whether you really pooped or just farted, you quickly picked up on the difference. Now we get to hear a gleeful exclamation of “FAAHTED!” any time it happens, and you’re oh so proud of the difference. You tell us when we’re in the middle of dinner, when you’re in the other room playing, or as we’re driving along in the car. It’s so heartwarming to know precisely when you fart, little one – you really make us feel special! Mama’s secretly hoping you pull one out at Thanksgiving dinner for the whole family to enjoy.

Keep up the good work and we’ll see when we work up the courage to ditch the diapers and really put this to the test.