Summer Time Toddler Meals

During the summer it’s so easy to find simple and healthy meal options. Especially with farmer markets and having a lot of fresh and local produce that is easy to find. But it can also be hard to find the time to cook a meal indoors when it’s 100 degrees outside. Here are some of my favorite go to toddler meals.


baked herb salmon // buttered curly pasta with roasted broccoli // strawberries // blueberries

The salmon was a so-so hit this time. I think since it was in it’s own compartment he didn’t really touch it, but I think next time I’ll just mix it in with the pasta. The broccoli and fruit are always a hit.


avocado // Annie’s shells & cheese with peas // cherries // grapes

Anything with cheese is an automatic hit and he’s always loved peas. Maybe even more than broccoli. Yup, you read that right, my kid loves broccoli. I have a cherry de-pitter and it is a great kitchen gadget to have for the summer. However it does look like you murdered someone in the kitchen sink when you use it. Cherry juice everywhere.


Nom nom nom,