Backflip off of the bed

Dear BabyBird,

The other day you decided to do a backflip off of our bed. It was pretty bad. We were just laying on bed, exhausted after laughing, playing, and reading books (or so I thought), while Mama was getting dressed in the bathroom. Our bed frame is pretty high off the floor so we’re very aware of you romping around on it most of the time, but usually you’ll approach the edge with a sort of gleeful trepidation that you know you’re supposed to be careful and we have plenty of time to grab a limb and ask you to come back (please). Not this time.

As we were laying there on the pillows talking, you suddenly broke out in a silly laugh, rolled over out of my reach, and then with glee launched yourself fully over in a backward roll, momentum carrying your feet over your head again in a high-speed backflip right off the bed, flying through the air and landing soundly on your back below. I made the lunge about halfway through the first flip, and I was within half a second of catching you, but not nearly close enough. You hit the floor with a thud and burst into hysterical tears. I scrambled over after you, super scared that you’d landed badly or hit your head on the wall or nightstand, and Mama pretty much teleported to the bedside at the same moment. Once we picked you up the crying got even worse, and we realized you’d bit your lip… but thankfully that was the worst of it, and I think you were just really scared by it plus the sudden sight and taste of blood.

I felt terrible, and even though I’m sure we are in for plenty more of these there is nothing worse than seeing you take a bad fall when I’m right there and just don’t react quickly enough to help. I know you learn from these and have to figure some things out for yourself, and any time you’re not really in danger I try to let you do your own thing, but it’s always going to make my heart skip a beat when you take a spill.

At least all the stretching, jumping, and rolling from gymnastics class is also helping you land these better as they happen. I’m glad you were okay and I am keeping an arm around on the bed for awhile longer!