When Your Toddler Sleeps Like a Newborn

Something happened the last few weeks. This kid stopped sleeping through the night. We had one week when he woke up multiple times at night ::yawn:: so that was just brutal. Sometimes he was twisted in his sleep sack, or a lovie couldn’t be found, or just needed a drink of water. But he was waking up and needing something. I contemplated sleep training again, but just didn’t have the heart to be firm with it. It’s much harder to try any of the sleep training techniques when your kid can talk and cries out asking for mommy in the middle of the night.

It never took long for him to fall back asleep, but the constant waking and getting out of bed for me was having it’s toll. I’ve completely forgot what it was like those first 8 months.

I couldn’t quite figure out what was going on. teething? growth spurt? nightmares? I quietly said to myself, it’s just a phase, it’s just a phase, & drink coffee. And surely after a few weeks it passed and now {thankfully} he is sleeping through the night again.

Then that darn daylight savings deal happened and this kid and the sun are synced. So that meant he was waking up at the crack of dawn all bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to play. While I zombie walked into his nursery every morning with one eye open.

Well, at least he’s sleeping through the night, again.



Coffee Runs Through My Veins

Growing up, I never liked the taste of coffee. I always thought it was so strong and bitter tasting. It wasn’t until middle school that I discovered the wonderful world of lattes and mochas.

Now that I have an almost 2 year old doing laps around me, I find that coffee has become a necessite. Especially on those nights when I’m comforting a non-sleeping-waking-up-frequently-baby.

We never owned a legit coffee maker. I tried the french press, but found I always got coffee grinds in my cup. Maybe it was a technique thing? So I then splurged $3.99 on a simple single cup filter and used that for the past few months year. It worked for me, since I only needed one cup of coffee a day and not a whole pot. My birthday was rolling around and I knew exactly what I wanted, a Keurig type system with the coffee pods to make just one cup.

Did you know there are hundreds of different types of pod coffee systems? Starbucks came out with one, there’s the Keurig system, and a bunch of other brands. We researched and browsed reviews and event went to Williams & Sonoma for some taste tests.

The result? We purchased the Nespresso Lattissima Espresso machine.

Yum. Smooth, creamy and absolutely delicious coffee/latte/expresso. We loved it because of the one-touch milk frother and the ease of the single-servce capsules. And it only takes a few minutes and clean up is a breeze. Plus at only $0.60 a capsule, it is way cheaper than my grande latte at Starbucks.


Nespresso has no idea who I am, these are just my opinions. 


Happy Birthday, Mama!

Dear Mama,

I heard it’s your birthday today. No wonder you wanted to spend the whole day with me! Daddy said you guys already stole a night out this week (so that’s what the random playdate with Grandpapa and Grandmama was all about?), but today you’re all mine.

What do you think we should do? I could always sleep past 7am, take an extra long nap, or just snuggle quietly for a few hours, and then leave you alone while you enjoy a nice slow lunch. Honestly, that doesn’t sound like much fun. I want to walk backwards, land a forward roll, wash my own hands, pick out my own socks, pick out my own shoes, put my socks, shoes, and jackie on all by myself (actually on second thought, Mama dooz it), try to eat my plastic play food, slip and fall running around on the hardwood floors with socks on, try oh so hard to use the potty, fall asleep in the car right as we get home, play in my crib during nap time, choose my own meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, spread food farther around the kitchen than you can possibly imagine at breakfast, lunch and dinner, go through at least three outfits, roll off the bed while you’re not looking, bite my lip falling off the chair I just climbed, teach my trusty pals Meemee, Moo, Winkie, and Ohorse everything I know, actually catch one of our cats, finally get through all three bowel movements I’ve been saving up for the past couple days, and hopefully walk down the stairs all by myself with no hands.

Also, let’s make sure you have plenty of time to hold me in between. Some days I feel like we spend way too much time apart, like when you go to the bathroom or take a shower. Uuug? Kiss? Wadeur? And we definitely need to FaceTime Daddy while he’s at work! I’ll be expecting piano after telling him what a great day we had.

By the way, luv you Mama… and every day you smile through all of this not only loving me but taking time to write about it means the world to me, and Daddy too!

Your BabyBird

Call Me Mom

Being a mom…

is always having to share what I am eating,

is being the receptacle of chewed food you don’t want in your mouth anymore,

is never seeing the bottom of an empty hamper,

is being puked on, pooped on, spit on, peed on & pinched by tiny fingers,

is wiping boogers with my bare hands,

is snuggling you while you sleep even though my arm is numb and I need to pee,

is not knowing how someone so small, could make me feel so important,

is having my heart walking around outside of my body.