Wordless Wednesday : Cooking

carefully placing each topping on his pizza


adding just the right amount of turkey pepperoni


signing for ‘more’ when I asked if he was done with that pizza


we really ::really:: like broccoli


nom nom

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  • http://stacyuncorked.com/ Stacy Uncorked

    Awwwww! What a CUTIE!! And look at all that broccoli – you done good, mom! His pizza looks so yummy! :)

    Zelda the Bored Statue Kitty

    • MommaBird

      Thanks :) Now whenever I ask if he wants pizza, he asks if there’s cheese & broccoli. Ha!

  • http://beforeverlovely.blogspot.com/ [email protected]

    Hi new reader, found your blog through the gfc link party! Your son is adorable and I love this idea, especially all the broccoli he put on it!

    • MommaBird

      Hi and welcome! Thank you, it was fun and worth the clean up afterwards