The Day We Spent in PJs

Winter suddenly hit. It was 70s one day, and then we have snow and the high is in the 30s. Boo!

This Monday, we didn’t have any plans or had to be anywhere and plus it was a chilly 40s outside so we stayed in our soft and cozy PJs all day. Nothing better than hanging out in your fleece footed PJs all day.

Throughout the day, this little guy was just into ::everything:: so I naturally took pictures and sent some to Daddy while he was at work. His first response… hey wait, are you guys still in PJs? Of course!

Caught playing on Momma’s computer.


As I was prepping lunch, I hear little rattles coming from the living room.

Me: Buddy, what are you doing?

BabyBird: Rocks!!

         ::thinking to myself, what toy do we have that is like rocks, then it dawns on me::

Me:  What?!?!!

He squeezed himself in between the couch and the side table and opened the drawer to find some old decorative rocks and candle holders.


I told him that lunch was ready and he hopped onto our regular chairs for the first time and sat down. No booster. No highchair. No bib. Just a regular chair at the dining table, eating his lunch like a big Montessori kid.

Okay, that’s cute and all but you can stop growing now. K? thanks.


After nap {which of course was done so in PJs} we finally did get dressed and went outside. By the afternoon it warmed up to 55 degrees so we bundled up and went for a walk. He loves this little bridge that goes over a dried up creek by the bike path near the neighborhood playground. He walked back and forth on this so many times.


BabyBird: Tree! Leaves. Fall down.

Yes, honey. That is a tree, and the leaves are falling down. I have to say, right around 18 months, these babies toddlers get it. Their comprehension astounds me everyday. He understands what I am saying. Which is equally frustrating when I ask him to do something and he does the complete opposite. Oh, toddlerhood.

The other day when it was raining, he asked me “Rain. Off, Momma. Uh-oh. Eyes. Nose. It’s wet” How sweet is that? But unfortunately, Momma can’t turn the rain off.


There’s a brand new elementary school only a few minutes away from our house. Since it was later in the afternoon, we walked over and played on the Kindergarden playground. He got up on this rock by himself and was quite proud. His little shadow kills me.

Our typical Mondays.

Disclaimer: Most of the time, we do get dressed. Most. 

A Poem to all the Moms

You Look Prettier When You Smile 

by Honest Toddler

Thanks for coming last night

It’s nice to know someone cares

My blanket was twisted

And I thought I heard bears

You whispered promises and threats

For, LOL, quite a while

But next time remember

You look prettier when you smile

There’s no need for scowls

When I need midnight water

Dehydration’s a thing

Weren’t you once a young daughter?

Please bring the right cup

I could drain the whole Nile

Relax your face, mama

You look prettier when you smile

What’s that in the hall?

It smells bad and looks fudgy

Was it caused by a child so beautiful and pudgy?

Why name names? Let’s move on.

The poop’s deep in the tile

Grab the Lysol but keep in mind

You look prettier when you smile

I was dressed head to toe

Despite putting up a fight

We wrestled with pants

It took all of your might

Now my clothes can be found

In a haphazard pile

Are you mad? Hey mom:

You look prettier when you smile

You are my angel day in and day out

But angels don’t swear and they definitely don’t shout

So when we’re together and I do something vile

 Keep the crazy eyes in check

You look prettier when you smile

Written by: Honest Toddler. If you aren’t following him on Twitter, you should! He’s a hoot. You’ll be laughing and crying at the same time.

Wordless Wednesday : Cooking

carefully placing each topping on his pizza


adding just the right amount of turkey pepperoni


signing for ‘more’ when I asked if he was done with that pizza


we really ::really:: like broccoli


nom nom

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Odds & Ends

:: This kids vocabulary amazes me each day. His new phrase this weekend was “Daddy? Daddy! Come here” as he’s standing at the top of the stairs calling for his dad to walk upstairs. When we went out for pizza tonight, he heard an airplane fly across the sky, and turned his head to find it. But once he spotted it he corrected himself and said it was a helicopter.

:: Any form of discipline {when we tell him that he can’t hit or get mad, or needs to wait a minute & have patience} is quickly met with him running to us and asking for a hug and kiss. This is also his trick to get my attention.

:: Recognizes faces in pictures. I was reading a note from BabyBird’s infant teacher this weekend on Facebook, and he saw a picture of her and instantly called out her name. I was blown away that he recognized the little profile picture.

:: We have a tub of safari animals that he loves to play with {read: throw everywhere} and now can call out each animal with include: cheetah, tiger, elephant, ostrich, & zebra.

:: He used the potty for 4 nights straight. Woohoo! Every night before bath time, Daddy asks if he would like to sit on the potty and he does and for 4 nights he sat and went. Pooped once and peed the other 3 times. My next step is to get a toddler toilet seat & step stool, because cleaning out a little potty is not that much better than changing a diaper.

:: Now whenever I get my phone or camera out to take his picture, he gives me this silly cheese face of a smile.

:: We just started cooking together. I had him help me put toppings on little individual pizzas and he loved it.

:: We got his Toddler School Pictures back, and poor guy looked like he did not like having his picture taken. I thought with all the photo shoots we’ve done with our family photographer that he’d be a totally ham but judging from the proofs we got back it looks like he was crying. Poor buddy.

:: Loves books. Especially if they rhyme. And loves stickers.

:: I missed posting his 19 month update, and since he’ll be turning 20 months – I’ll just combine them.