Autumn is my favorite time of the year. The slight chill in the air, the leaves changing colors and getting to bundle up in sweaters and boots.

Last week, we met up with Daddy on Pearl St. for a froyo break during the day. Then we stayed around while he wrapped up a few things at the office and then joined us for dinner.

he looks guilty. Like I just caught him with his hands in the cookie jar


I am always in awe of the beauty on Pearl St in Boulder. On this picture perfect fall day, the temps were in the 70’s with a slight breeze.


BabyBird loved running up and down the mall crunching on leaves and finding rocks & bugs.


Taking in the beautiful scenery, just hanging out by the little brick wall …


Checking out the leaves and rocks … Hm. Hey, buddy – watcha up to there?


So what you don’t see is after he gets up on this wall, he proceeds to walk the perimeter of it like it was the balance beam in gymnastic class {this wouldn’t be a bad thing, except he only walks on the beam once during gymnastic class, but if we are anywhere else everything turns into a balance beam. Go figure.} We are now at the stage where he refuses to hold my hand or let me touch him, so I cautiously walk next to him ready to catch at a moment’s notice. Oh, and he also refuses any assistance walking up or down stairs now. Knock on wood, he has not fallen down {or up} the stairs.  Okay, big boy.


  • aimymichelle

    wow those trees are amazing.

    • MommaBird

      I love this time of the year, even though it is short. A few weeks later, we got snow. Boo!