A Poem to all the Moms

You Look Prettier When You Smile 

by Honest Toddler

Thanks for coming last night

It’s nice to know someone cares

My blanket was twisted

And I thought I heard bears

You whispered promises and threats

For, LOL, quite a while

But next time remember

You look prettier when you smile

There’s no need for scowls

When I need midnight water

Dehydration’s a thing

Weren’t you once a young daughter?

Please bring the right cup

I could drain the whole Nile

Relax your face, mama

You look prettier when you smile

What’s that in the hall?

It smells bad and looks fudgy

Was it caused by a child so beautiful and pudgy?

Why name names? Let’s move on.

The poop’s deep in the tile

Grab the Lysol but keep in mind

You look prettier when you smile

I was dressed head to toe

Despite putting up a fight

We wrestled with pants

It took all of your might

Now my clothes can be found

In a haphazard pile

Are you mad? Hey mom:

You look prettier when you smile

You are my angel day in and day out

But angels don’t swear and they definitely don’t shout

So when we’re together and I do something vile

 Keep the crazy eyes in check

You look prettier when you smile

Written by: Honest Toddler. If you aren’t following him on Twitter, you should! He’s a hoot. You’ll be laughing and crying at the same time.

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    Thank you for sharing this, it really is such a great reminder!