Say What?

Toddler Lingo. This kid talks up a storm and I have to admit sometimes I don’t know what he is saying. Other times, he blows me away on his vocabulary and memory of things.



Here are a few of the funny things he says and how he pronounces certain words:

Mother – sounds like murder. Super adorable when he walks up to me and says … “Murder!” while holding some toy to show me. Death by toy car?

Beach – sounds like beetch, yup that’s right. This is great when we are walking anywhere and he sees sand/rocks/shore and proudly proclaims beetch!

Name – whenever he meets anyone new, like in line at the grocery store, he’ll point his finger at them and say ame? The other person generally has no clue what he’s saying so I translate and ask them what their name is. He then tries to pronounce their name.

Dada, Come Here! – this one comes out as: Dada, C’mere! It just doesn’t get old. He’ll climb up to the top of the stairs and calls down.


Singing. This kid loves to sing. Favorite songs:

Itsy Bitsy Spider – accompanied with hand movements

Be My Echo – Ernie & Elmo duet

ABC – just watch this

Drip Drip Drop – from music class. This CD has been well played in my car, on repeat. And he’ll sing this randomly throughout the day when he’s playing.

Clean Up Song – originally from Barney? I don’t remember where I first learned this. The lyrics go: clean up, clean up, everybody do your share. His version: Me-up, Me-up abab shure

Now Your Momma’s Grr – a classic silly original from my hubs. Usually sung with piano accompaniment

Moonbeamers Song – simple intro song that we sing at the end of his gymnastic class

Jack & Jill – another song from music class


But the best one is each morning, somewhere between 6:45 – 7:15 I hear a little voice calling from across the hallway saying ‘Momma… Momma? {H}ug? Drrink? … Momma!!!’ and I slowly climb out of my bed to be greeted with an energetic little face.