BAM! and suddenly he looks 5

be still my heart.

The Day We Spent in PJs

Winter suddenly hit. It was 70s one day, and then we have snow and the high is in the 30s. Boo!

This Monday, we didn’t have any plans or had to be anywhere and plus it was a chilly 40s outside so we stayed in our soft and cozy PJs all day. Nothing better than hanging out in your fleece footed PJs all day.

Throughout the day, this little guy was just into ::everything:: so I naturally took pictures and sent some to Daddy while he was at work. His first response… hey wait, are you guys still in PJs? Of course!

Caught playing on Momma’s computer.


As I was prepping lunch, I hear little rattles coming from the living room.

Me: Buddy, what are you doing?

BabyBird: Rocks!!

         ::thinking to myself, what toy do we have that is like rocks, then it dawns on me::

Me:  What?!?!!

He squeezed himself in between the couch and the side table and opened the drawer to find some old decorative rocks and candle holders.


I told him that lunch was ready and he hopped onto our regular chairs for the first time and sat down. No booster. No highchair. No bib. Just a regular chair at the dining table, eating his lunch like a big Montessori kid.

Okay, that’s cute and all but you can stop growing now. K? thanks.


After nap {which of course was done so in PJs} we finally did get dressed and went outside. By the afternoon it warmed up to 55 degrees so we bundled up and went for a walk. He loves this little bridge that goes over a dried up creek by the bike path near the neighborhood playground. He walked back and forth on this so many times.


BabyBird: Tree! Leaves. Fall down.

Yes, honey. That is a tree, and the leaves are falling down. I have to say, right around 18 months, these babies toddlers get it. Their comprehension astounds me everyday. He understands what I am saying. Which is equally frustrating when I ask him to do something and he does the complete opposite. Oh, toddlerhood.

The other day when it was raining, he asked me “Rain. Off, Momma. Uh-oh. Eyes. Nose. It’s wet” How sweet is that? But unfortunately, Momma can’t turn the rain off.


There’s a brand new elementary school only a few minutes away from our house. Since it was later in the afternoon, we walked over and played on the Kindergarden playground. He got up on this rock by himself and was quite proud. His little shadow kills me.

Our typical Mondays.

Disclaimer: Most of the time, we do get dressed. Most.