Wordless Wednesday : Cooking

carefully placing each topping on his pizza


adding just the right amount of turkey pepperoni


signing for ‘more’ when I asked if he was done with that pizza


we really ::really:: like broccoli


nom nom

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Odds & Ends

:: This kids vocabulary amazes me each day. His new phrase this weekend was “Daddy? Daddy! Come here” as he’s standing at the top of the stairs calling for his dad to walk upstairs. When we went out for pizza tonight, he heard an airplane fly across the sky, and turned his head to find it. But once he spotted it he corrected himself and said it was a helicopter.

:: Any form of discipline {when we tell him that he can’t hit or get mad, or needs to wait a minute & have patience} is quickly met with him running to us and asking for a hug and kiss. This is also his trick to get my attention.

:: Recognizes faces in pictures. I was reading a note from BabyBird’s infant teacher this weekend on Facebook, and he saw a picture of her and instantly called out her name. I was blown away that he recognized the little profile picture.

:: We have a tub of safari animals that he loves to play with {read: throw everywhere} and now can call out each animal with include: cheetah, tiger, elephant, ostrich, & zebra.

:: He used the potty for 4 nights straight. Woohoo! Every night before bath time, Daddy asks if he would like to sit on the potty and he does and for 4 nights he sat and went. Pooped once and peed the other 3 times. My next step is to get a toddler toilet seat & step stool, because cleaning out a little potty is not that much better than changing a diaper.

:: Now whenever I get my phone or camera out to take his picture, he gives me this silly cheese face of a smile.

:: We just started cooking together. I had him help me put toppings on little individual pizzas and he loved it.

:: We got his Toddler School Pictures back, and poor guy looked like he did not like having his picture taken. I thought with all the photo shoots we’ve done with our family photographer that he’d be a totally ham but judging from the proofs we got back it looks like he was crying. Poor buddy.

:: Loves books. Especially if they rhyme. And loves stickers.

:: I missed posting his 19 month update, and since he’ll be turning 20 months – I’ll just combine them.