Mama! Get her.

Dear BabyBird,

You are really talking up a storm these days, and one of the funniest parts has been your attachment to Mama turning into orders regarding her presence. The other day when she was out you woke up mid-nap from a nightmare wand wanted nothing to do with me. You just sat there in the corner of your crib, arms shaking, saying “oh no…”. Drink? No. Blankie? No! Mi-mi? No. So I asked what you wanted, and of course you said “Mama!”. Well, she wasn’t home so I told you you wasn’t there. And your response was “Get her.”

Really? Okay, let me just snap my fingers and get her right in for ya. You see, I don’t actually have the ability to summon Mama on a whim. She kind of does her own thing. Chances are if she was home, your sudden screaming wake was the best chance to get her up here in a heartbeat, so if that didn’t happen she is really not home. Sorry. But on the bright side, after this you calmed down quite a bit, negotiated for a drink after all, and cuddled right back up for the rest of your nap.

I love you being able to tell us what you want or need now, really, even if I can’t always do it! “Get her” and “get it” for all sorts of other things recently are a fun step in the direction of two-way conversation. Between that and all your questions, pointing everything in the world out to us, animal sounds, and singing – the alphabet, “Drip Drip Drop”, and “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes” (sometimes with the wrong parts subbed in for hilarity) are all favorites – we are getting quite an earful.

Best of all though, along with demanding that I get Mama or pick up a toy you’re also able to quite eloquently ask for a hug or a kiss, high five, or fist bump, which are especially heartwarming when you pick up on us not being happy about something and are trying to make it better. Or other times are just delaying going to bed. Either way, we’ll take it!