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This summer I enrolled BabyBird into toddler gymnastic classes or otherwise known as Moonbeamers. Our first class was right around when the Olympics were on and I just could not get over the cuteness of a miniature gym with age appropriate equipment for little tikes.

For the past several weeks, when BabyBird wakes up in the morning he’ll ask to go to ‘moon-moons’ and I can tell that he loves this class. This kid loves this class and gets all of his energy and wiggles out for the morning. It definitely does guarantee a great appetite for lunch and a good nap afterwards.

Last week, Daddy came along to our Tuesday morning class to see his class first hand.

Walking on the balance beam with Daddy. Look at that focus!



Jumping on the big trampoline.


The best surprise was at the end, when the teacher brought out the big colorful parachute for the entire class to get under. She had the best idea to keep it blown up with a fan and used traffic cones to keep parachute anchored to the floor. Anyone remember these when we were kids?